Discolouration of teeth on meds / Taking omeprazole before meds

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Hi everyone!

I have been on medication now for 5 months and my teeth seem to have discoloured. I have good teeth so was worried. My oncologist said none of the meds I am on should be causing this! I went to the dentist and she said that it was either differences in my gut due to my body getting used to the medication or else it was too much mouthwash on a daily basis particularly corsodyl mouthwash as that has been washing away the mouths natural defences etc! Has anyone any experience of this and if it’s gut related, any suggestions?

Also I take Omeprazole in the morning before my medication. Do you have to leave a few hours between omeprazole and meds incase the omeprazole interferes with the absorption of meds?

Still trying to work things out!