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  • Can we talk about vulvar and vaginal cancers?

    A close up image of an orchid type flower

    Can we talk openly about vulvas and vaginas?

    It’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Month and we’re taking the opportunity to raise awareness of the rarer gynae cancers.

    We understand that many people find sexual organs to be an embarrassing or awkward subject. Many people might not even know the correct names for these body parts. So what happens if you get diagnosed with cancer (or a pre-cancerous condition…

  • Alone in this, together. Blood cancer awareness.

    'Alone in this, together' written over an image of a person looking stressed, looking out of a window.

    Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be an isolating experience.

    "Im just feeling so lonely because I cant talk to my loved ones about my fears because I know how much it will make them be afraid!" 
    julielovesGoats, New to the Community group.

    This can be even more true for those who receive a rarer cancer diagnosis, like some blood disorders.  In today’s Community News Blog we’re hoping to create a space where those…

  • Parents of children with cancer: do you feel supported?

    "Parents" written over a picture of two people putting ingredients into a mixing bowl in their kitchen.

    September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Today on Community News, we’re talking about parents. No matter how old your child is when they are diagnosed with cancer, the news can still be devastating. A child’s diagnosis can affect all family members, and it’s important to find the right support.

    “[I am] finding some comfort in the fact that there are other people who have gone through and go through…