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  • Coping with anticipatory grief when you're supporting someone living with cancer

    Sunset with blue sky and the shadow of trees

    The feeling of grief and loss before a loved one’s passing is something that is often discussed here on the Community. If you’re feeling this way at the moment, or have done in the past, you’re not alone.

    This blog is exploring anticipatory grief and hopefully you’ll find some comfort and ways of processing anticipatory grief after reading the following.

    What is anticipatory grief?


  • Cancer and Peripheral Neuropathy - support from the Online Community

    A person holding their hands as if in some discomfort

    Online Community members are affected not only by cancer, but other conditions caused by cancer or cancer treatment. The Community is a place where people can come together and share experiences and tips so you don’t have to go through it alone.

    Peripheral neuropathy is damage to the nerves connecting the brain, spinal cord and the rest of the body. It can be caused by cancer, or its treatment, and is one side…

  • Kidney Cancer Support

    Hands stacking on a wooden table, palm up

    We know how important support groups can be after a cancer diagnosis. For kidney (or renal) cancer patients and loves ones alike, it’s important you have somewhere to reach out for support and connection. Today we’re catching up with our Kidney cancer forum. Whether it’s you or a loved one with a renal cancer (or any other form of kidney cancer) diagnosis, there is always somewhere to reach out for support. …