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  • Dealing with Change

    A butterfly, on flowers, in a spring landscape

    The emotional effects of dealing with change and cancer are something that is often talked about by our members.

    “This is so hard and I get frustrated with all the conflicting emotions, whether the changes I'm making are right or wrong and if Nic would approve of what I'm doing. 

    I have a lot of support from friends and family, but am feeling very lost at the moment and can't say this to anybody apart from…

  • Finding support for stoma reversal and LARS on the Online Community

    The Ileostomy, colostomy and stoma support group on the Online Community is a place where members can support one another through surgery, managing a stoma, diet tips and keeping comfortable. Following surgery for bowel cancer, colorectal cancers, other cancers and pre-cancerous conditions, some members have a permanent stoma, others may have been offered a temporary stoma.

    When you have a temporary stoma, you might be…

  • Telling children about cancer

    A mother holding a child during a sunset

    Alongside receiving a cancer diagnosis, one of the toughest moments a person can face is having to tell their children that they have cancer. Finding the words can be difficult, especially when trying to process the information yourself. It’s challenging but a conversation many will have to have, especially if mum or dad could potentially be struggling physically. In this blog, we take a look around the Community and…