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This is where you can find out about all the amazing things going on in the Online Community. It's where you'll find news about events and awareness months; ways to get involved with Macmillan and up-to-date campaigning news from Macmillan HQ.

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    Guest post: Fatigue and me

    Lydia is 25 and lives in Manchester, where she works for a company that does research into cancer, as well as other diseases. In November 2016, she was diagnosed with rare uterine tumours. She has been on Zoladex for three months; unfortunately, this has been unsuccessful. She had a hysterectomy in June 2017. Read Lydia's first guest blog post...
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    Want to share your story? Get involved with guest blogging

    The Community runs on the experiences of its members, and we believe the best way of keeping the site feeling fresh and new is by sharing stories and spreading awareness. Want to get involved? Then why not write a guest post for the Community News blog . Here are a few of our latest guest blog posts to give you some inspiration: "Does...
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    6 ways to get help from your bank when you've got cancer

    At the best of times, it can be stressful worrying about paying the bills, keeping a roof over your head and providing for your family. A cancer diagnosis can make that stress even worse. Many people have to take time off work and travel to hospital for treatment and their finances can be hit hard, causing an extra worry to their everyday life. Macmillan’s...
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    Guest post: "Does that mean you're going to lose your hair again?"

    In 2014, at the age of 39, Jo was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer . Jo describes how losing her hair to chemotherapy took her on an emotional journey. Now faced with the recurrence of her ovarian cancer, the prospect of losing her hair for a second time is no less daunting. Catch up with Jo's story and previous guest blog posts . With the...
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    Guest post: Bev's story (Pt. 9)

    Bev is a retired retail manager, currently volunteering as a fundraiser for Macmillan and The Anthony Nolan Trust . Married to Paul, the couple have two grown-up children: Martyn and Andrèa , along with granddaughter Cassie. In 2015, Andrèa was diagnosed with leukaemia . Hi everyone, Just had the wind knocked out of us. With a heavy...