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Treatment over

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Husband's treatment was over last Wednesday thought things would get better but still really moody on and off frequent trips to Doctor refusing to eat. So disappointed feeling that things will never improve. Needed to get this off my chest!

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Hi Chelseadog welcome to the forum and so sorry to hear how things are for you right now.

That's not long for hubby to have processed all that has happened to him and try in some shape or form come to terms with a changed life from maybe what he was expecting and I'm wondering if that's where the moods may be coming from but was he like this before or is this something new for him? 

Its maybe early days for you both thought I imagine that this has been one long journey for you as well and he will take time to recover but hopefully with some time he will get there.

So very sorry to hear how this is leaving you feeling and I'm sending some huge big hugs your way and hope that things start to improve soon for you. xxxx 

memory man
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My husband was diagnosed with Brain tumour inoperable aged 54 . Gliomablastoma multiform grade 4 , in Oct 2017 

he had 6 weeks of chemoradiotherapy and then6 weeks off which is apparently gold standard . 

He did really well initially coping then last few weeks of chemoradiotherapy increased steroids he became aggressive moody angry. 

I understand that this is part of the tumour but living with someone who was gentle giant to Incredible Hulk it’s heartbreaking the personality switch , temper and cognitive changes are cruel . Watching your husband change so rapidly.

we have a 11 year old son with autism and he been trying so hard to help daddy get better but he know he going to die and his daddy cannot do things with him like he used to . 

But he doesn’t fully understand or me it feels like living in limbo , in a bubble and serene

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I'm sorry to hear about our husband. Please do ring the helpline if you'd like to chat to someone.

Love and hugs,


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Thanks things improving slowly so hopefully he will soon be better. Was like this before this health crisis though not so bad! I just want to celebrate him being free of cancer so much! Thanks so much for replying huge hugs back to you x