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What Would it Have Helped to Know?

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Anyone needing a wheelchair urgently, as we did - Argos have a fantastic selection. Either click and collect immediately from the store, or an extra £3.95 for same day delivery !!!

Linda xx
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We did that recently at our local hospital when my husband could not get to see a consultant. Their help was invaluable.

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I love the last comment me mam always sais the dust will be there when you aren't


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Hi Psymon

This is great advice. When my hubby came home from an emergency stay in hospital it quickly became apparent that we needed to declutter all surfaces on the route from the bedroom to the bathroom. 

We placed garden chairs along the garden path so that If he feels his legs going he can sit on a chair rather than ending up on the floor. The neurologist was the first to suggest that these syncopated falls are most likely to be seizure related and not just muscle weakness, we had described the falls to many professionals who had just assumed that we knew they were syncopated falls.  

Our wonderful GP was the person to say “I think you’re struggling and you need some support, once I agreed she then made a call to the Urgent Care Referral Team. If you’re ever asked please take up this offer, Social Services rang within the hour and a physio came to do a mobility assessment the following afternoon. He arranged an extra handrail on the stairs and bathroom grab rail (all free of charge!) and the following week some grab rails on the steps into the garden. He demonstrated physio exercises and left us with a printout then came back the following week and went through them again making some more difficult to make them more effective. 

Always, always accept help when offered. 

If you’re travelling  long distance by train book the passenger assist scheme  Don’t struggle with limited mobility, don’t struggle with luggage, don’t struggle with your wheelchair. Excellent service meeting us from the taxi drop off point in a motorised buggy, took us to our carriage, then there was another buggy waiting for us at Euston which took us to the taxi rank. Exactly the same on the return journey, lovely, helpful, friendly staff. No questions asked, no proof needed, just fill in the online form or phone if it’s within 24 hours of your departure. 

Jane xx

No question is stupid  

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 , Thank you Jane,

This is really helpful.


 If you find dust in my house, write your name in it. When the signatures overlap I'll get the polish. 

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So many great replies!

I used to carry a large rucksack for my laptop, power cables, power packs, personal phone book (you never know who you may need to call in a crisis), medical history etc.

Then added, a pack of large face playing cards (for when the eyes were less good), a box of dominoes (a simple game to play even when quite feeble).

A mini wash kit for me and hubby. Snack bars and a water bottle in each pocket.

It got very heavy but it kept my arms free for doors, wheelchairs etc. 

Ooh and painkillers and meds for me, when it had been a long day and no chance of getting home. I even carried my kindle for when he was asleep and I was too tired to go anywhere :)

More will come in due course, I am sure. 

I will walk miles now for cancer charities, so others can walk beside their loved ones for as long as possible. 

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Thanks ,

So good to be getting all these useful things to do and carry around. I'm so happy that this is building into such a useful thread for so many members.



 If you find dust in my house, write your name in it. When the signatures overlap I'll get the polish.