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Travel Insurance

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Hi: Newbie here, please be gentle! Heartfelt Thanks to McMillan for wonderful care at the Pink Rose Suite and Amethyst Ward, DPoW Hospital Grimsby.

Background: I already had a number of conditions, including crushed C4 vertebra and spinal nerve damage, Parastomal hernia and gall bladder removed, when I was scanned for Prostate bleed in Dec. 2017. This scan found cancer in the Pancreas tail and it was removed, along with my spleen, in April '18. I had chemo from 30 May '18 to 7 November '18. During the treatment I had further Lymph gland cancer. I am SO happy to say that my last appointment after a further scan (weds. 13 March '19) confirmed that I am clear, with a hopefully final scan and appointment in July this year. The prostate is awaiting a similarly hopeful verdict after another PSA, but appears to be just enlarged, with no bleeds. Until this last PSA I cannot give a final verdict re my prostate, to obtain a travel quote.

I have in the past used Staysure Insurance and found them to be patient, courteous and helpful. However, if anyone else has more choices after their own experiences, I would consider others. My wife and I are flying to Budapest on 2 August 2019, for an 8 day Danube cruise, returning to Manchester airport from Budapest. We have an overnight stay at the Carlton airport hotel on 1 August, as our flight is early. Both of us have disabilities involving mobility issues, no wheelchairs necessary. Obviously I have to communicate all this to whichever Insurance company I choose: does anyone have experience-based advice please?

I am still in wonder at the fact that a bleeding prostate caused my GP to send me for CT and MRI scans in Dec. '17. Without those scans, my pancreatic cancer may never have been spotted until too late. Every cloud has a silver lining!

Thank you in anticipation, I was given advice to register here from the Urology secretary at Lincoln Hospital. So pleased that I did!

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Hi  and welcome to the Online Community but so sorry to see you finding us.

This is such a hard time for you and the rest of the family but talking with people on the same path can help a lot. 

Travel Insurance can be a problem but if you follow this LINK to our Travel Insurance Forum and the thread I have linked will open in a place that folks have talked about their positive and negative experiences with Travel Insurance.

Just join the group and hit the 'Start a Discussion' tab and introduce yourself to the group. Remember to go to the right on the home page and indicate how you want to receive email notifications when someone answers your posts.

You may also find our various Macmillan Support Line Services on 0808 808 00 00 helpful as you can talk to a friendly person that can help in various ways.

We also have various specific groups per Cancer Types and Cancer Experiences and you can find these in the Groups section near the top.

It would be really useful if you could put something into your profile as this does help others when replying to you or for those looking for support and information as they can read a bit about your journey so far.

Just click on your username and then select 'Edit Profile' under the 'Profile Settings'. If you're not sure what sort of thing to put just click on my username, Thehighlander to read my profile but my cancer journey was rather long.

All the best.

Mike - Thehighlander

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