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Perotid gland cancet

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Hi  my sister  was diagnosed with a Perotid Gland tumour in January. Due to size and position the cancer team at the Beatson confirmed that it was inoperable and the only treatment available was a course of intensive radiotherapy. To help prevent migrating to her brain

Fast forward to today and she has just about recovered from the side effects of the treatment and is back to work  

We have an appointment with a consultant oncologist to determine what next as there has been a slight shrinkage .

We are told this cancer is extremely rare with no ongoing clinical trials or research. At this point her best hope is that it is treated a a chronic illness with intervention by radiotherapy I am  reaching out to anyone  with any experience of this type of cancer and would welcome  any positive thoughts advice  recommendations to help my sister   Moving forward 

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Hi , and a very warm welcome to the Site, although I am sorry to hear about your sister. The only information I have on this rare cancer is a page here with details you might find useful. I have no experience of it I'm afraid, but I hope you find some responses soon. You might like to try the helpline, which is on the same link. It's open Monday to Friday, 9am to 8pm and you will be able to speak to an expert. 



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