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Sudden loss of My Sister

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My sister rang me on 25th October in tears to tell me she had liver cancer. Telephone result from her gp following a routine scan for what she thought may be gallstones! 8 weeks later she died! Leaving behind her beautiful daughter 23yrs and her son 19yrs. We are all truly devastated and miss her terribly. I lost my dad to a heart attack,  when I was 20yrs, he was 46yrs. My younger brother to a heart attack when I was 42yrs, he was 40yrs and now my sister I am 57yrs and she was 53yrs and I have found this loss the hardest.  My older brother 59yrs suffers from severe depression and at times has been suicidal. My amazing mum is 82yrs and I feel Such a huge responsibility for me to be 'ok to support her and yet I find I am struggling with my grief. I am blessed with an amazing partner, children and grandchildren and wonderful supportive friends but feel I need to reach out to someone who can fully understand what I am feeling and my friend suggested this wonderful website. Feeling anxious! 

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Hi and welcome to the community and thanks to your friend for pointing you in our direction and so glad that you've reached out to us with so much happened in your life and I can understand your need to want to speak with others.

I am wondering if you live near a Maggies Centre (click on green text to open up new page) if you do you might it beneficial to have a chat with them.

If you want to speak to one on of the friendly Macmillan telephone support advisers you can call them on

0808 808 0000

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It is often very handy if you could go back to your home page and add a little bit about yourself in your profile, as much or as little as you want but by putting something about yourself really does help others to relate to you and be supportive towards you. Click on your name at the tip of the page and when the new page opens look for edit my profile click on it and start to write something about yourself and when finished remember to click on save. In the future you can do the same thing to add or remove things from your profile.

You are now part of the Mac family and I hope by joining one or more of the above groups we can be a support to you and remember the community never closes there's usually always someone about for you to chat with.


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