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Husbands chemotherapy - overwhelming emotions

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My husband is very sick from Chemo and on a drip now I’m scared he won’t be able to survive the treatment 

feeling sad 

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Having just read your earlier post in the careers group I can understand your sadness and overwhelming emotions. It can’t be easy to watch a loved one go through so much and struggle against the odds. 

As a cancer victim and survivor, I have always recognised that it the loved ones that suffer more emotionally than the victim. I have watched the upset and pure helplessness of my family when I was diagnosed later and going through the horrors of surgery and chemo, so I have seen how it affects others and it’s just so unfair. 

My thoughts are with you tonight ( I am writing this from Australia). And I hope you have a support network to help you cope during this horrible time. 

I wish you and your husband the strength and courage to get through this chemo and return to some sort of normality. 

Counting the days, making every day count.


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Thanks Brent

Its kind of you to let me know you survived cancer thank you

My sister is flying over from Perth Oz tomorrow so that’s a bit of real support for me. I do also have some great friends 

I feel guilty even being emotionally needy as I’m not the one ill I rushed him into hospital this morning after a really sick night 

I cancelled my league match this morning which was disappointing there’s no choice but to be there for my husband just sitting here while he sleeps in chemo ward 

I know there’s more chemo to come so doing my best to be supportive