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I've survived, now it's my wife's turn

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I fortunately survived prostate cancer from being diagnosed in 2011, being treated in 2013 and being give the all clear in September 2018. My wife supported me throughout.

She was having difficulty eating and was diagnosed with Oesophageal cancer, which had spread, hence it was non-operable, in early November 2018. She started chemotherapy on the Wednesday before Christmas, and had a rather difficult time of it for a couple of weeks. However about ten days ago things started improving and the second infusion session with a different treatment was on Wednesday of this week. The different treatment was because they discovered a mutation of a gene which made this treatment more effective (don't ask the tekkie stuff, I don't know.)

I have been writing a blog about the caring side of her treatment. would it be of any use to anyone to read it?

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Of course it would be useful at least for me.I would love to read it I wish both of u the best of luck in ur health journeys.

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Yes good luck to you both X