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Adjusting to the diagnosisIn

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Twelve years ago, aged 47, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was a bad time in my personal and work life. I felt very much alone and not wishing to burden my adolescent children, kept many of the details from them. 

Treatment for the 3.5cm tumour began with six rounds of AC. I then had a lumpectomy for the then 4.5cm tumour. Lymph nodes were also removed, 4/11 were cancerous. I was then put on 4 rounds of taxotare (?). The oncologist saying you have to treat aggressive cancer aggressively.   This was following by 4 weeks of radiotherapy. Then 5 years of hormone therapy. Tamoxifen and amotorose (?).  I had recovered  

I started a new job and life was good. Three years ago I retired and 18 months ago moved with my husband to the ideal village to enjoy the good life. I hadn’t felt as fit, healthy and happy for years. 

In May I started to feel breathless, I thought I might have developed asthma. The breathless became debilitating so I made an appt at the doctors. Referred for an X-ray I had fluid in the lung cavity.

A new journey had begun, one I was not prepared for. I had pleural effusion twice, with more than 11/2 litres of fluid drained. With in weeks I was admitted for a Pleurodesis over 4 litres drained. Analysis and a CT scan detected abnormal cells, a thickening of the lung and enlarged lymph nodes in the chest. Referred to oncology I have been diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. The cancer however has altered from hr negative to postive. I have been prescribed Letrozole and have been taking this now for 4 weeks. 

I have met with my lovely Macmillan nurse and have been told the cancer is incurable. This was hard news to take. This morning I  read posts on the forum and realised that many many women have been going through similar and worse diagnosis and have lived with cancer, adapting their lives and enjoying it. I resolve to do the same. I love my life in the village. I love my family friends and neighbours. I love my dog , my garden, my kitchen, books, films, walking, picnics, yoga, films. I want to travel, run 5 k before I’m 60, master sourdough, reupholster my chair, learn how to do cryptic  crosswords and knit homeknits for my two year old grandson. There is so much left to do.

my question is can just one little yellow pill each day do the job I need it to do?  Is there anything else I can take or do?

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Hi and welcome to the community, though sorry to hear about what you have gone through. Well done in coming here though that is something extra you have done.

You might like to drop by our Breast cancer who might have more information, my wife's cancer is different in that it is Leiomyosarcoma but she too has secondaries in her lungs and has been incurable now for 6 years.

We do have some advice pages on generally maintaining a health lifestyle, sounds like you have a great attitude already and that is such a positive.