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  • just Joined

    Anyone else had high toxicity response to the dual immunotherapy ?

    Hi after just 2 doses, I ended up in Hospital for 2 weeks whilst they pumped me full of steroids and tried to get the toxicity under control.....they are now say they don’t want to continue treatment and I was wondering if anyone else has had similar...
  • My Dad

    Home on Saturday

    Looking forward to collecting my Dad from hospital on Saturday to take him home for 5 days before he returns to have another port fitted and start a new bout of chemo, hoping it has some effect. I know these times have to be treasured and remembered especially...
  • Mum


    Well mum' still here fighting on! Been told she will likely pass away this month due to complications caused by her cancer she' started having strokes and can now hardly talk and is out of it she can say some words though bless her and i think...
  • My journey with breast cancer

    Second week

    Things do get better, this is my second week. I always tell myself, it is my responsibility to influence change around me. That is exactly what I have done. I stood up and fight for what I think is fair for me. I do not think is fair to treat people the...
  • beyondthepink

    Things I learnt going through breast cancer treatment

    Preparing for cancer  Things I learnt that I hope help others I've listed below Of course you can't prepare for those words you have cancer. It's like someone has punched you right in the gut and you are sinking to the depths of despair...