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    Would you like to guest blog? Get in touch

    We're always looking for ways to keep the Community feeling fresh and new, and one of the best ways of doing so is by featuring the stories of our members. Whether you yourself have been diagnosed, you're caring for someone who has, or you're...

    Hey I'm Anna and I write a online blog about having Cancer, I am 24 and have had a rare Sarcoma, Ewings Sarcoma since 2010 so around 6 years and ongoing. I am currently recovering from a major operation to remove half my pelvis and am trying to write...
  • A new chapter

    Life changes

    I had already started to make some life changes when I received my cancer diagnosis, but it did focus the mind somewhat. I determined that regardless of how long I have (and let's be honest - none of us can possible know what's around the corner...
  • Slow response

    Slow response

    My mum has been given a month to live last monday and the consultant at Clatterbridge Hospital on the Wirral promised contact by a macmillan nurse asap . We have heard nothing and I am dismayed at the disconnect not only with the GP Oncology dept and...
  • Community News Blog

    World's Biggest Coffee Morning: Passion fruit meringue pie

    With only a week to go until Macmillan's World's Biggest Coffee Morning , we thought we'd bring you some baking inspiration straight from Macmillan HQ. With plenty of recipes to choose from via the main website and the partner site for Coffee...