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  • Finding Out It’s Terminal

    Day 1

    I say day 1 but that’s not the whole truth really. Last week we found out that my grandad had advanced cancer in his prostate. We weren’t sure of what the next steps were we were just awaiting on some decisions. He had many scans and x rays, only, today...
  • The Butterfly Who Flapped Too Hard

    Fake Friends

    F*ck them! I have something stronger in mind, because I am both raging and in tears, but I've been whapped before for swearing on here and I don't fancy it again. But seriously. F*ck them!!! You know what? Trying...
  • It's not about me

    24th April. The end of mum's journey

    Heartbroken. Numb. Tortured. Relieved. All words describe how I feel today. Had only just set out today when I had the call from my brother. He had arrived at the hospice and had given mum a kiss when she let out a breath. It was to be her final one,...
  • My first blog!

    16th - 23rd April updates

    16 th April Temperature first thing this morning was 37.1 so hopefully I’m heading down the right track now. Its hubby’s first day at the Hospice today. I’m really glad he will have someone to talk to and have a brief respite from...
  • It's not about me

    23rd April

    I'm sitting with mum on my own writing this today. Arrived about 1pm, my brother had been here since just after 8.30am. Mum was asleep, but there was a noticeable difference in her breathing today.  This is something I've almost been looking out...