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  • Stacey's stem cell story

    Day 12 - Big fat zero!

    So got told this morning my immune system levels are a big fat zero! Well this is the best I've felt all week and that's good considering every cell in my body seems to be dying.  Got it tough with the nausea again yesterday, had extra injections...
  • Poems. By .Me.*Ahem*

    I am the 1:9

    I am the 1in 9 Who ever knew  I'd be the girl who Got the butt end of the deal Know how that makes me feel? Who ever knew I'd be the girl who, Youngest sibling Without parents at my bidding ...
  • Am I being selfish?

    Am I being selfish?

    My partner has multiple myeloma, he's been in remission for a few months now, but the sex side of things in completely non existent...... we are getting married in a few weeks and I'm just worried this is how it will be forever! I've looked...
  • Christine

    Re: Nasopharyngeal Cancer

    Hi everyone my mum was diagnosed in April 2017 with T3, N1 Nasopharyngeal Cancer. She is 4 weeks into her treatment and has spent the last 13 days in Clatterbridge Cencer Hospital. She has been having Radiotherapy daily but is having Chemo weekly. She...
  • Mothers Cancer Fight

    Mums journey

    Mums journey started off when I was young - around 12 years old. The word cancer never meant anything to my little sister and I, and we were never associated with anyone who had the C word.  Everything was a blur through my mothers first diagnosis...