Quick advice needed please!


So I'm 7 days post op now and crashed last night resulting in a diagnosis of infected and partially collapsed lungs and reinsertion of nasogastric tube

The tube reinsertion was horrible andI vomited everywhere while it was going in 

The tube did a good job overnight draining about 600mls from my stomach but I'm really struggling badly with the gag reflex .. i cant drink, talk, move, cough or  swallow without gagging ..most times its one gag and im back in control but 3 times now I've not been able to stop gagging and have called nurse struggling yo breathe 

If i insist they're willing to remove it but then may have to reinsert if i vomit agsin

My question is what would you do?  Live with thr horrible scsry gagging or risk having to go thru it again? 

Sorey for typos .. theyre coming soon.for my decision and i dont know what to do

When thr gagging is happening its so scary and each time i think im about to dir snd id do anything to make it stop .. but to have it reinserted again makes me feel awful too 

  • FormerMember

    Dont worry .. i chose to have it out 

    Felt 1000% better instantly and within 15 mins have 'opened my bowels' for the first time since bowel prep last week!! 

    Unfortunate it was in a nappy rather than on the toilet but could've been worse! 

  • Aww I’m sorry you are having to go through that I know from experience it’s really unpleasant , I found numbing things helped , Ice lolly’s and cough sweets , anything to numb the sensation , peppermint oil to sniff helps too to take away the sickly feeling , if it doesn’t work then remove it , I removed mine and felt better x