MOAS tomorrow


So I'm being admitted at 7am tomorrow for the MOAS which will start at 8.30am. They're expecting it to be a 12-hour surgery and they'll keep me under anesthetic till the following morning. 

I've been fasting for two hours already (easy so far .. haven't noticed yet!) and have my bowel prep to commence at 6pm tonight. My mum will arrive at 7pm (hopefully I'll be out of the toilet to be able to answer the door!) to stay with our boys and take them to and from school for a few days. 

I've completely finished my Christmas shopping and I've just crossed the last thing off my list of things to do by writing letters to my two sons and my husband to be opened if I die .. oh my gosh, the tears! Big breath and thinking the best .. hopefully those letters will not be opened!!!! 

Apart from the letter-writing tears I feel quite calm and ok about the whole thing .. it has to happen so it's just a matter of getting through it. I have a  lot of support and am otherwise quite well so I'm hoping for the best. 

Will update again as I can afterwards. Sending good wishes to everyone here in the meantime!!!! 

  • Aww good luck and keep busy until the bowel prep needs to be done , you will be ok they know what are doing and it will soon be over , if you are nervous just before the op (I was fine until they made me put the gown on and then the tears came ha) try not to think about what’s happening but think about the next thing which is your recovery. Prepare your Hubbie and kids that you will be quite poorly afterwards and not to panic and it’s all completely normal after such an operation , I didn’t have my son visit (age15) until 4 days later so he didn’t see me at my worst. Pack some peppermint oil to sniff for nausea and lavender to calm and help sleep. I know it’s a massive thing to get your head around but you will soon be back sat in bed with a cup of tea, sore yes ha but make sure they keep you topped up with pain meds 

    let us know how it goes and I’ll be thinking of you and sending positive vibes! 


  • Hope everything went well, FormerMember, and that your recovery is uneventful.

    Pseudomyxoma peritonei survivor
    Pseudomyxoma Survivor