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Travel insurance

Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? Or have you managed to find a reasonable quote? Join this group to share experiences and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

Hurraah for Boots Online!

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I joined this group to try and get some help on my travel insurance problems. Glad I did because somebody mentioned Boots Online.

A bit of background:

First diagnosis 2011 IDC in R. breast, mastectomy, removal of lymph nodes, chemo & radiotherapy. Given all clear in 2015

Second Round: 2015 discovered new cancer, left breast, metastatic in spine & hips. Given 3-month terminal diagnosis, palliative care with hormone therapy & bisphosphonate infusions. Dec 2105 nearly died through pneumonia & pulmonary embolism resulting in need for pluerodesis. 2018 still going!

Since then, been fairly stable, on a string of meds for pain, PE, blood thinning etc.

So, I'm not a good insurance risk!

Anyway, we decided to treat ourselves to a cruise this year. I can't fly (risk of lymphodoema), so booked a cruise from Southampton, down to Portugal and Spain. Thought we had insurance sorted with a specialist group called "bought by many". Just needed confirmation from my consultant that terminal prognosis was for more than 3 months. Fee would have been £384, single trip of 7 days. Got the confirmation, then went to pay for the insurance. Three pages later, they list the exclusions - No Sea Cruising!

Then, spent the last week calling/getting online quotes every travel insurance company we could find. Out of about 60 companies only got three to quote. The sticking point was usually because it was a sea cruise. I guess it's just too expensive to evacuate someone from the middle of the ocean in an emergency.

First quote: GoodToGo - £3,200. Later reduced to £2,700

Second quote: Free Spirit - £1,400 (Lovely guy called Rob, who was ever so helpful)

Third Quote: Boots Online - £297. Yes, that's UNDER THREE HUNDRED POUNDS!

After applying online, I get a screen telling me to ring in to give more details. That's the point at which they usually say "No Quote", so I wasn't hopeful. However, a lovely agent called Joanne took the call, went through the details and told us I scored -4, which required confirmation from the underwriters. She also told us (the only company to explain why) that the low score was "mainly due to the daily use of morphine". She explained that the underwriters normally take 7-10 days to give an answer and, as we are due to go in only 5, she wouldn't be able to help. We explained how many we'd tried and she promised to give it a go.

Just an hour later, one of their medical specialists called back, a great lady called Miriam, and took more details. after 15 minutes she agreed they would be able to quote but didn't know herself how much it would be, but we'd get an email later in the day.

That email has just arrived, with a quote for just shy of £300. I couldn't believe it! Ive checked and double-checked. All my conditions are listed and marked as "accepted", there doesn't seem to be any exclusion at all!

I'm ever so grateful to Joanne and Miriam, they really pulled the stops out - I was at the point of having to cancel my cruise (and loose the money), but they've come through as absolute diamonds!

If anyone else is having problems sourcing holiday insurance, give Boots Online a try. I think they're marvellous!


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Hi and a very warm welcome to the online community

I think having an HRH in the community is a first, lol. Joking apart though I'm thrilled that you were able to get travel insurance to go on your cruise because you found a recommendation here!

Could I possibly ask you to add your recommendation to this thread please as I'm trying to gather all the recommendations in one place so that it makes them easier to find in future. You could either copy and paste your entire post or just add the salient details. 

Hope you have a lovely time and watch out for the paparazzi!


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