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Hi everyone

As it can be time consuming looking through existing posts for travel insurance recommendations I thought it'd be a good idea to try and keep all recommendations in one place.

With that in mind I thought I'd ask that when you've found an insurance company that provided you with cover at a reasonable cost you posted that recommendation here.

If you could put a little bit of additional information eg. whether you got single trip or annual, cover for a cruise, worldwide, etc along with anything else that you think others would find helpful when they are researching that would be great.

All the recommendations come from community members and are not recommendations from Macmillan. Please make sure you do your own research as to whether they are suitable for you.


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    Thanks for your reply - yes, I tried them online then phoned but no quote! I wonder if I try again in 6 months since the operation to remove the cancer (no chemo or radio therapies needed) was 6 weeks ago?  I have seen lots of people with lots more problems than me get reasonable quotes!  I cancelled my trip to have the operation but now am semi-regretting it because of the problem getting travel insurance.  I definitely don't want to go uninsured but perhaps I can just declare the pacemaker and mild asthma and not the cancer (since I have been told it's all clear)?

  • I’ve had awful problems but I do have a one week quote to Miami in February for around £500 with free spirit. I have stage 4b non Hodgkin lymphoma 

  • Insurancewith wouldnt Quote me, but boots did!

    They may be he same company at the back end, but boots took the time to discuss my condition and contact the underwriters rather than just rely on the fact that I scored “-7” (whatever that means) and refuse to quote.

  • Whilst I know that some insurance companies will allow you to exclude an illness FormerMember, so you wouldn't be covered if you became ill or needed to cancel your holiday because of the excluded illness, I think you might have trouble claiming if you didn't tell them about your cancer and you subsequently tried to claim even if it was not related. 

    As for if it'll make any difference if you try quotes in 6 months time, I guess that depends on the questions they ask, eg if all they ask is have you had an operation in the last 6 months then you'd be able to say no and that might mean you get cover.


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  • Hi everyone

    We went on a cruise back in May to the Fjords from Southampton. We got our insurance through I have metastatic lung cancer which is incureable but treatable and I have thankfully been stable for 4 years. Our insurance for us both for the week was £175 which we thought was quite good. We are off on another cruise in 5 weeks time, and wanted to wait to get the insurance until I had my oncology appointment last week, just so we knew everything was still stable (thankfully it is) and also that is one of the questions, do you have any hospital appointments planned. So yesterday, I contacted the same company that we had used before, expecting a similar price. They quoted us £475. I then went into panic mode, and started searching, applying on line, phoning different companies for quotes. Goodtogo wanted £750 and insurancewith wanted similar. I eventually found a policy through Saga, for £201 with excess of £70 which we are happy with. It just goes to show you really do have to shop around, but it’s a very frustrating situation. 


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    I thank everyone for their kind replies.  Perhaps because up until 3 months ago I just thought my asthma had got worse not I had cancer.  The cancer diagnosis and treatment (operation to remove the lung cancer) was a total shock and I feel that because I now have the all clear (but not obviously according to travel insurance companies I've contacted so far) that I've become a piraha when it comes to getting travel insurance.  I have never travelled without travel insurance and declaring my conditions and will continue to try but am very upset, not just for myself but all those who have had and have cancer that they are made to endure more when they have already endured so much! Because I have contacted so many companies already with no quotes, I hope waiting until I have been 6 months clear (though as far as I'm concerned, I no longer have cancer) will make a difference but feel that I am being denied my freedom to travel just because I want to be honest as well as be covered.  Sorry for the long-winded "sorry for myself" bit!  I'm sure plenty of people have had much worse! 

  • Thanks for posting, In my experience “cheap” is not always best. I need to be confident that I will be able to access the right care wherever I happen to be or I won’t go.

    I always look at recommendations and reviews and research the company I’m dealing with

    When I did my recent travel quote Boots were almost double the price of insurancewith so I have used them again.

     Christine x