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Travel insurance for someone diagnosed with lung cancer

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Does anyone know of a reliable travel insurance company, at a reasonable price and who will provide medical cover for someone with lung cancer which has some spread to the bone.  Current treatment is chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

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Hi and a warm welcome to the online community

As you may have discovered it can be more difficult to obtain reasonably priced travel insurance when a cancer diagnosis is involved. There is a travel insurance group that you could join where you'll find recommendations from other members who have been successful in obtaining travel insurance.

To join the group just click on the link I've created and then choose 'Join This Group' on the page that opens. Once there have a look for the post entitled 'Recommended Travel Insurance'. It's usually on the first page and has lots of suggestions for companies. Also most people recommend that you phone for a quote rather than trying to do it online.

I hope you find some competitively priced insurance and have a great holiday!


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Thanks for this