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Carer - Which Groups?

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Hi there,

I am the full time carer of my partner who has just been diagnosed with a Chondrosarcoma in her femur. I was wondering which groups would be most appropriate for me? It has been a pretty tough time, going through the diagnostic process and dealing with my partner's symptoms. She is pretty much confined to bed at home now while awaiting surgery which should be next week. It would be good to talk to others about how they have managed.

Best wishes to all.

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Hi and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear about your partner and the reason you find yourself here. We have a very supportive group here you may find it helpful to join , Carers Only . Click the link to get to the group. There you will find others looking after loved ones, and will be able to offer you help, advice and support. Best wishes. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?

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May I add to the welcome that  has given you and further suggest that you might want to pop into our Bone cancer Group.

Please remember that you should continue to look after yourself whilst you are looking after your partner and try and make some ME time during the day for yourself. 

Best wishes and I hope the surgery goes well.


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Welcome to the Mac Commuity, not that we like seeing so many new members :-/

I was going to mention the Bone Group where other osteosarcoma and chondrosarcoma patients and carers chat but Ian beat me to it; there is also an extensive Chondrosarcoma Information Section (link) you can have a look through which may answer a few questions.

Fingers crossed for a speedy, hassle free recovery from surgery, G n' J

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Hi Rily,

Thanks very much for pointing me in the direction of the Carers Only group. I will certainly check it out.

It's been a hard day and an even harder evening. My partner has been in a lot of pain but is finally resting now so I may have an opportunity to follow things up.

Best wishes.

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Hi Ian,

Thanks for the pointer to the Bone Cancer group and your kind wishes.

I am just managing to make sure that I take care of myself. Today has been hard and this evening awful. It is very difficult seeing someone you love suffer so much.

Best wishes.

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Hi Dreamthief,

Thanks for your welcome and the pointer to the Chondrosarcoma Info Section. I will certainly check it out.

Although my partner and I are both getting anxious about the impending surgery, it can't come soon enough. My partner's symptoms are getting progressively worse. Once it is done we look forward to a slow but steady improvement.

Best wishes.