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Breast cancer

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Hi  i  have  just  found  out  i  have  breast  cancer  ive  had a ct  scan  on  wednesday  waiting  to  go  for  results  this  wednesday  feeling  terified  any  one  else  feeling  the  same  

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Hello there ,

sorry about your diagnosis and welcome to the community you will find we have a very active breast cancer forum who are all very friendly and helpful. I came over from the womb group but wanted to say hello, just as i am sure you need a friendly smile. If you click this link it will take you straight to the breast group where you be able to post your many questions i am sure is running through your head at the moment. There is lots of ladies and a few gents who understand what your going though. Good luck with your CT on Wednesday and the wait for results really is the pits but i am sure everyone can at least make that wait more manageable. Sending you a gentle hug 

  GBear Xxxx 

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