Travel insurance

Have you had difficulty getting travel insurance after a cancer diagnosis? Or have you managed to find a reasonable quote? Join this group to share experiences and talk to people who understand what you’re going through.

Travel insurance

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For the last 3 days I have been searching for travel insurance that suits me and cover my existing conditions. Finally, after being quoted between £100 to £200, I found one with Coverwise(underwritten by AXA) through for £51, I couldn’t be happier. I checked and double checked to make sure they got my declared medical conditions right just to be sure. 

Now, I hope I never have to claim and as to how good they are with their promise, only time will tell. They scored 4 stars with defacto so, fingers crossed.

Goodluck to anyone still searching, just be patient and know how and what you need covered then make sure you read the policy offered to you, no matter how boring. And don’t forget most insurance has a cooling period of 14 days in case you change your mind and realise it’s not right one for you.

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That's great news and thanks for sharing this with us.

Could I be a pain and ask you to copy and paste your post into this thread please. I'm trying to put all recommendations in one place to make it easier for new members of the community to find them. Coverwise is a new recommendation so it would be good if people can find it in future.

I hope you enjoy some lovely holidays.


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