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Bladder cancer

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Hi thanks for the add iv blood in my urine since November this is invisible to me iv also had UTI INFECTION WHICH HAS BEen ongoing since.nkvember a chest infection and cough I think finally last week the uti is clear but still blood in my urine invisible iv been fast tracked for ultrasound on my bladder and kidneys for suspected bladder cancer which I was told all looked fine but was told I was to receive an appointment for another test o forgot what they call it but it the camera to see my bladder so awaiting for that so I’m very stressed at the moment worrying but obviously can’t do nowt till I have these and get results x

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May I welcome you into the Mac family and for reaching out to us. I'm so sorry that you've gone through so much recently with your UTIs blood in your urine cough and chest infection and can understand how you are feeling. And now you're waiting for another appointment for further investigations to be done, the waiting for the appointment then waiting for the test results is all very stressful and the time just seems to drag.

My initial suggestion is to advise you to contact the hospital and find out how long the waiting is for the investigation and ask if you can be put on the cancellation list, but by doing this you may have to be prepared to attend the hospital at short notice.

I would normally invite you to join our Bladder cancer group but at this time it may not be appropriate for you to do so as you've not been diagnosed.

I would also suggest that you see your GP and explain to him/her how you a feeling and see if they can give you some further assistance.

Please don't be tempted to look for information on the internet it will only stress you out further and much of the information is misleading or out of date, if you need to ask about something please come back to this site and we will try and answer any questions you may have 

I know that this not going to be easy but try not to stress too much.


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Hi  and welcome to the community, although sorry for the reason you find yourself here. I am from the Bladder Group  . Blood in urine can be caused by a number of things, but needs to be investigated. Good to know nothing was seen on ultrasound, as  this can only see things that have developed. The next step is a flexible cystoscopy. A camera in the bladder via the waterpipe. Sounds a lot worse than it is. Painless and done with dignity protected. Takes about ten minutes and you can see for yourself on the monitor anything abnormal. Anything further depends on what they see. I won't go in to any more detail here as  I would like you to come and join us in the group. Click on the link above and post your concerns in the group where there are many of us who have been there and you will get a wider knowledge of experiences. Best wishes.

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