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jeanette 49
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Hi I’m jean new today anyone going through having fluid drained with this I’m 5rounds in with r chop had fluid drained twice any help please?

Jeanette 49 
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Hello and a very warm welcome to the group although I'm sorry to hear you feel so awful. There are several types of lymphoma and we have a group for each one.  If you click the link to NHL it will take you to the Non Hodgkins lymphoma group where you will, I'm sure, find a lot of support. There are many members who have fluid drained and will know how you feel. The Hodgkin Lymphoma group is quite active right now so that might be the best place to start. I hope you'll find someone to chat to there very soon.

Love and hugs,


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Hi jeanette49, and a warm welcome from me!  What do you mean about having fluid drained? Well done for getting to the 5th round....hopefully out of 6? As the previous member said, it's helpful if you post on the site relevant to your type of non Hodgkin's....just press start a discussion when you've found it...we're all here for support xx

Regards, Lynda xx

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