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Just been told I have small cell lung cancer

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I am finding it very hard at moment , I have tried to be strong for my family but now find I am falling to pieces and can’t stop crying I start my chemo in around 2 weeks and I suppose like a lot off people am scared of the unknown.  Perhaps someone can give me some tips on getting through this emotional state I find myself in. 

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I am just over from the breast cancer group to signpost you to the Lung Cancer group. Also to give a weird but warm welcome to the club no one wanted to join.

The whole word 'cancer' has such high emotional suggestions that go with it. And for many it is like being steam rollered and other go into let's kick ass approach. No one response is either right or wrong, good or bad. It is as we say JUST IT. 

A lot of people who inhabit the BC site suggest you try to fill your days with as much as you can. Another suggestion is to allow the cancer to be discussed at certain times, for instance on here and then get on with life. Life will be different, friends will come and go, not always knowing what to say. Family can be equally this way.

I think being strong is good but allowing the tears to flow even better as it releases the tension. I often post a saying : Tears are soap for the soul. Plus have a good cry in the shower then blame shampoo for the red eyes

What I would urge you to do at the moment is be selfish. Make you the priority in your life to enable a better time to mend

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Take care

Leolady56 - one year on and clear. It is doable if challenging

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Thank you for your reply. Wishing you well