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So my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer.

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So my mum was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and I have found last few weeks hard to deal with, It's hard to see once strong and independent person look weak and vulnerable. I feel my past anxiety issues are also returning which is making me more emotional when I should be strong.

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Hi shropshirelads,

im so sorry to hear about your mum and about your anxiety coming back.

Your mum should have an appointed Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) to support your mum, you and the rest of and your family. They should be able to refer you to support in your area for all of you, you shouldn't have to deal with things on your own. The Macmillan helpline is open again on Monday morning, you can also call them and ask to speak to a nurse for some advice.

There is a group for people in similar circumstances on the site at: 

I know how debilitating anxiety can be, if you spoke with someone about it in the past, do you have an open referral to go back? It might help to speak to them again. Your mums CNS should also be able to put you in touch with local counselling services so that you can talk about what you are going through. If you have a maggies centre nearby it might help to drop in and speak to someone there, I've heard they are really helpful.

lots of love


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Hi mate it’s been 3 months since my old man past away due to this’s such a hard thing to go through everyday u don’t know what to expect or How to feel or deal with the situation if u don’t mind me asking has it spread anywhere??? Hopefully not...I can explain and talk about my experience with you if that would help jus let me know...sending u positivity mate keep strong 

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Thanks for your message, yeah she's CNS, she was diagnosed a month a go now but last week and half have been really hard as she's she didn't respond well to her second chemo treatment and then got an infection which they aren't sure where it is. And now she's in hospital where she's still isn't eating as she's scared that as soon as she eats shes worried it will come straight back out. 

I will try and get to the doctors about my anxiety

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Hi, thanks for your message, i didn't see the message that i had a reply was sent to my spam typical spam emails get through but one te it isnt spam.. 

Anyway sorry. Its spread to her liver as well, shes not eating at moment as as soon as it goes in it comes straight out again (if you get my meaning) so in her head shes now worries each time.. shes in hospital at the moment and the medicine they give her doesnt taste nice so she takes ages to drink that.. 

Not sure how i feel today to be honest..