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need advice about my dads condition

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Hi my dad has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 gallbladder cancer, he hasn’t started treatment yes as they are having to re do the biopsy as the first one was inconclusive due to having a stent placed at the same time. He has already been told it’s inoperable and his treatment will be palliative chemotherapy and it’s to far and aggressive. My dad has been home a week and has until this day let no pain apart from yellowing and itching (that’s why stent placed) then last night my dad was in agony with pain in his stomach and said he felt like he had flu as he aches all over, this morning he got up and pain and flu feeling had gone but has pain aching in his lady arm. He has eaten but then said to my mum she feels ropey and gone to lie down. My dad does not seem to be concerned but I no this is not him, he had morphine last night but not sure if he has since. I need to know if he should go back to hospital or am I over worried please could someone advise are the feelings he has now are normal in gallbladder cancer? Please help as my mum is concerned also 

thanks dawn 

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Hi and welcome to the community, although sorry to hear about you dad. I notice you have found the gall bladder group and have contributed to a conversation. If you start a new discussion with your concerns I am sure someone with experience of this will be able to offer advice. I hope all goes well. Best wishes. 

Best wishes to All,   rily.  What is a Community Champion ?