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hi all

just had chemo on sat fr bc

furst day was quite bad,

yesterday took anti sickness but I had less water so went to gp fr urine test .

wanted to ask few things

having palpitations is normal??

can we go out fr a walk after 2days ?di we need to wear a mask 

thy hv told me tat neutropenia can occur in 7-10 days

wat precautions I hv to tk

is it  k to go to gp or hospitals during this period fr any blood test ?

I was concerned abt any infections I might catch do we hv to b very cautious during chemotherapy 


lovecand hugs

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Hello Sashass.I had chemo last year and i will be honest with you the googling about possibility of infections made me mad.

I cant help regarding the palpitations but regarding going out I went out for a walk every day well at least to the shop and back which was around 2 miles.But my chemo was in spring-summer so the weather wasnt so bad.So if its not raining or snowing or icy out there I would go for a little walk.

And yes i was wearing surgical face masks i was so scared of other people to pass me some germs.I bought the masks on e-bay.And its safe to go for hospital for bloodtests I  was wearing face masks there too and always had antibacterial hand wipes when I needed to go to the toilett.Maybe its too much but I never had any issues with infections.

But the thruth is i was signed off sick from work during chemo so basically was just home.Dont google anything because some people took the precautions too far.I read one story that somebody was washing the fruits with toothbrush and soap which i found absolutely mad and when i said it to my nurse she was laughing and nearly fell off the chair.

Well you just have to be carefull around people generally,have a good hand hygiene and food hygiene.I just washed and peeled the fruits and had no problems.

Good luck with you treatment and sending hugs

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Thanks frvur detsiled reply 

I went twice already as bc of burning in passing urine yesterday today to a and e fr palpitations and leg pain 

was scared of catching other infection niw 

it was ful thy should hv separate and e fr cancer patients 

I used masks

nurse took blood test and tre is ruptured vein I can see the bruise

hope all stays good