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1st chemotherapy

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hi going to hv my first chemo on sat

1st dec18 after breast surgery

wat precautions to b taken before and during chemo 

hiw u describe a feeling of unwell if the temp is not the sign of infection.


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My hubby had a mastectomy and unfortunately everything went wrong. But hopefully he can start chemo at the end of December. What can I expect and how do I handle it.  Advice from partners of patients please 

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Hi, I'm sure that you have received some good advice already but I wanted to address your concern about temperature as it was something I was worried about after I got my info on side effects. Buy a thermometer and take your temperature at roughly the same time each day and when you are feeling too warm.  They are quite cheap in any chemist. No need to buy the expensive ones that go in your ear. My chemo caused facial flushing so at the beginning I took mine lots but soon learned what my normal temp was. I hope it all goes well for you. I was dreading chemo and while I'm happy mine is finished it was not as bad as I feared. Best wishes x

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Always take your temperature before taking paracetamol as that will lower it and can mask a fever. 

Good advice to take your temperature several times before chemo to see what is 'normal' for you at different times of day. 

I 'run low' temperature wise, so never get to the established alert level, even when I'm ill! I have phoned the chemo line when I've just felt generally unwell - clammy, tired etc. They have a set of questions that they'll ask to see of they feel that you have any signs of infection. They've quite often sent me to A&E despite lack of fever...

Never worry about phoning them - it's what they're there for! 

Hope it goes well for you tomorrow!

Best wishes



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Run low means under 37.5?and not below 36?

and hw many glasses of water u used to drink ?

thanks fr ur reply 

and support



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Thanks fr ur reply