1st lot of Chemo, cant stop being sick!

My mum had her first lot f chemo yesterday.
They have give her a strong dose due to her situation.
Ive just got off the phone to her and my dad, they've told me shes been up since 3am this morning with bad sickness. She has took the max dose of anti-sickness tablets for the day already. She cant keep anything down, but she is drinking as much water as possible. 
Is this normal? 
She has secondary breast cancer but has two types of breast cancer at the same time.
Im really worried for her. Would they possibly take her into hospital and put her on a drip to keep fluids in her while her body adjusts to the chemo? I dont know what to think or expect :'( I cant be with her at the moment as im getting over a cold and with her immune system being low she cant catch it.
Please help if you have any advice! They are waiting on a call back from the hospital...

  • The very best piece of advice to give is to seek medical support. She should have been given an emergency number to contact in a situation like this. A chemo team on the end of a telephone line

    Or go the the local A&E, she should have a card she literally hands to the reception and she will go straight through to a side ward. There they can assess her give her intraveneous fluid etc

    Being without fluids on a normal day for a well person is bad enough

    If that call back doesn't come be willing to pester them