Facing the future: Together

  • Oncology update Treatment to continue

    We have had to wait a while to hear from the Oncologist and to get information on the scan which Dal had last week and today we were advised:

    Everything is stable, the gullet tumour has remained the same, the liver has a very small lesion, the lymph nodes are also stable and nothing really was mentioned about the lungs. The bloods, taken today, have nothing negative to report and it all looks positive in so far as, things…

    • 6 Apr 2021
  • Treatment on-going

    Over the past month and with regards to Dal's treatment, things have continued positively. 

    The scar on his chest has healed well, the port is in use for all chemo sessions and now this is the way that his bloods are taken in preparation for the trastuzumab. No more covering his arm to protect a picc line during a shower, and because of that his arm is looking a lot better. His skin had started to grey and dry out…

    • 25 Feb 2021
  • "Stay Focused" 2021

    It’s hard to believe that it has been over one month since we last updated our blog, it certainly is overdue.

    Christmas was spent with our second eldest daughter, Dal, chose his food carefully, he had to take his time as he was concerned that he would choke at the dinner table, he felt more conscious whilst eating and I felt a little apprehensive. Dal reached for his fizzy drink a few times and I noticed myself…

    • 23 Jan 2021
  • Heading into the New Year Continued Again!!

    Tuesday, Scan day, Blood Test and then Oncologist phone call.

    I have found the past few days so tough! A rollercoaster of a ride, but the ride continues! it has it's scary times, it has it's laughs and it has it's emotional breakdowns, and all of this is necessary..... for we are working towards a positive outcome.

    Amazingly only 30 minutes after Dal got home from the hospital on Tuesday he received the call…

    • 18 Dec 2020
  • Heading into the New Year Continued

    Yesterday was a difficult food day for Dal, it hits home as a reminder of what he is going through, and it is frightening.  Due to food getting stuck and taking quite a while for him to be able to clear it, he ended up not eating.... and he hates me fussing..

    We still hadn't heard about a date for the scan, so this morning Dal phoned his chemo nurse, she moved swiftly and within minutes the right department was on the…

    • 10 Dec 2020
  • Heading in to the New Year

    Treatment continues, every two weeks and Dal continues to react positively, there are always little things to mention, like the numbness of his hands and feet, the feeling of cold in these areas even when he is quite warm, and the few irregular nose bleeds. Other things also like, Dal's hair continuing to grow, his ability to eat solids most of the time with very few problems, but he has a few glitches which catch him…

    • 6 Dec 2020
  • Things continue to be positive

    Hi Again

    You may remember in October that we had some great news regarding the rewards of the treatment that Dal has been on. We are still reeling from these great results, but we are also back to just waiting on the next update. I find that quiet difficult personally!

    Nose Bleeds - this had been one of the side effects that Dal had been experiencing, they started out of the blue and seem to have stopped just as quickly…

    • 5 Nov 2020
  • September and Early October

    Hi Everyone,

    I didn't do an end of September blog because Dal and I have been waiting on the latest scan and subsequent results which we got yesterday afternoon. But before I go into the results, let me give you an overview of what has been going on during September.

    Dal, continues to receive his treatment fortnightly, 336mg Trastuzumab at the hospital after the Ondansetron 8mg anti sickness medication, then 5,200mg…

    • 7 Oct 2020
  • That's August Done With.

    This month has gone so fast, I turn around and we are just dropping into September, thing have for the most part turned in to a new kind of normality, Tuesday bloods, Tuesday afternoon phone call from Oncologist, Friday Chemo, Weekend of feeling rough and back on his feet again Monday, refusing to be held down for long. Then a week off.. before it all starts again!

    The weight continues to be very well maintained, Dal…

    • 1 Sep 2020
  • The Journey through rest of July

    Things have continued to go well, Dal continues to eat well, and has gained more weight.  He had his first Herceptin treatment on Friday, which was not the best of experiences.. He went through the treatment fine but once he was told he could go home, he was violently sick. 

    Over the last two days, he has struggled to feel "himself" but we know that this is the first time his body has been put through this particular treatment…

    • 2 Aug 2020
  • Trying to share some great news

    Hi All, I really, really want to share some exciting news with you all...  (unfortunately at the time of writing this I was unable to post it, so I am hoping this can be posted now..... (FYI the date of this post would have been July 18th)

    We read so much heartbreaking news and with the knowledge that Dal won't ever be "free" of this condition, we had done a great deal of research on what he can, and cannot expect to receive…

    • 2 Aug 2020
  • Mid July Results

    After having such a good month in June, we have been waiting patiently for this morning to come... it has been quicker than we thought it would be, but it has been extremely stressful. Restless nights, brain working overtime, thinking of the 'what ifs'.

    Food continues to go down well, although Dal does seem to consume even more fizzy drinks, but I suppose the more food he can eat the more drink he needs to help…

    • 13 Jul 2020
  • The journey through the month of June.

    What a fantastic month June has been! 

    Dal weighed in at 13st 10 & 1/8th up 2lb since last time  such a good sign. He continues to take Lansoprazole 30mg but only once a day as apposed to the two a day he had been taking in May.  A week after his first chemo, Dal stopped taking any other pain killers, he had been on the maximum amount of pain killers prior to chemo, he was woken in the night with pain, but now, there…

    • 5 Jul 2020
  • The first experience of chemo

    First Chemo Treatment – Friday 22nd May 2020 – Long

     After receiving the phone call to confirm the 2nd Covid19 Negative Test, Dal and his brother left at 10.20am to go to the Hospital. Arriving at 11.30, Dal went in alone to the chemo floor – there he booked into reception, waited for about 1 hour before being called in to the outpatients ward  - treatment room  – where he waited for the medication to come…

    • 13 Jun 2020
  • Preparing for Chemotherapy

    With the Covid19 positive test, the preparations for chemotherapy could be hindered, Dal had to have another Corona-virus test,  He was registered with one of the London Cancer Hospitals and thankfully they were prepared to meet him immediately, an appointment was made for the following day May 14th -  in an isolated room Dal was met by his specialist team, he had to sign all the consent forms, after having a further explanation…

    • 29 May 2020
  • Leading up to and including Wednesday 13th May

    What a week! waiting for today to come 12th May 2020, watching the clock, counting down the hours.  Dal had been told last week on discharge to call the hospital or the Clinical nurse at lunch time if he had not been contacted regarding the results. 

    We have four daughters, one lives with us with her partner and their two children, the other three live very close and have family of their own, in all we are the proud grandparents…

    • 28 May 2020
  • Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th May

    Nil by mouth throughout the night, and during the morning, Dal was taken for an endoscopy early afternoon, he was offered a throat spray or a sedative, he chose the sedative due the continued pain he was experiencing. The sedative was administered through the cannular which had been placed in his arm the day before, after which they placed a tube down his throat with a small camera on it. He found this the most uncomfortable…

    • 28 May 2020
  • The beginning of our Journey.

    Dal had a procedure at the end of February which involved a great deal of pressure on his stomach and for about a week afterwards he was obviously very sore and uncomfortable. By mid March he started to feel uncomfortable eating and by Easter he had only managed to eat one full meal a week. He contacted the GP, as Covid19 demanded that only telephone consultations took place, and a change in medication was suggested,…

    • 28 May 2020