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Facing the future: Together

by Lowedal

Diagnosis Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer & others incurable but treatable. We'll talk through emotions, experiences & provide support & understanding for all. Food Guides, Medication & Daily Life experiences. It will be a roller-coaster jour

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  • Facing the future: Together

    The journey through the month of June.

    What a fantastic month June has been! Dal weighed in at 13st 10 & 1/8th up 2lb since last time such a good sign. He continues to take Lansoprazole 30mg but only once a day as apposed to the two a day he had been taking in May. A week after his first chemo, Dal stopped taking any other pain killers, he had been on the maximum amount of pain killers...
  • Facing the future: Together

    The first experience of chemo

    First Chemo Treatment – Friday 22 nd May 2020 – Long After receiving the phone call to confirm the 2 nd Covid19 Negative Test, Dal and his brother left at 10.20am to go to the Hospital. Arriving at 11.30, Dal went in alone to the chemo floor – there he booked into reception, waited for about 1 hour before being called in to the outpatients ward -...
  • Facing the future: Together

    Preparing for Chemotherapy

    With the Covid19 positive test, the preparations for chemotherapy could be hindered, Dal had to have another Corona-virus test, He was registered with one of the London Cancer Hospitals and thankfully they were prepared to meet him immediately, an appointment was made for the following day May 14th - in an isolated room Dal was met by his specialist...
  • Facing the future: Together

    Leading up to and including Wednesday 13th May

    What a week! waiting for today to come 12th May 2020, watching the clock, counting down the hours. Dal had been told last week on discharge to call the hospital or the Clinical nurse at lunch time if he had not been contacted regarding the results. We have four daughters, one lives with us with her partner and their two children, the other three live...
  • Facing the future: Together

    Tuesday 5th & Wednesday 6th May

    Nil by mouth throughout the night, and during the morning, Dal was taken for an endoscopy early afternoon, he was offered a throat spray or a sedative, he chose the sedative due the continued pain he was experiencing. The sedative was administered through the cannular which had been placed in his arm the day before, after which they placed a tube down...