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  • Community News Blog: Mealtimes during the festive season

     A festive dinner table with plates and glasses

    During the festive period, there can be lots of celebrations and parties, including plans to see family and friends. This can often involve eating. 

    When you’re dealing with symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment, eating at mealtimes may look different than it did before. Everyone is different and we understand that for some people, you may feel uncomfortable about mealtimes and special occasions with loved ones…

  • Community News Blog: Head and neck cancer - when food is fuel

    A photo of a pathway leading into a tunnel formed by overhanging trees

    We know that receiving a cancer diagnosis can be scary, especially when you don’t know what to expect.

    Members in the Community have been there. They can help you to face those worries. Through shared experiences, they can help you face the unknown and make you feel much less alone. 

    In this Community New Blog, we’re highlighting the head and neck cancer group and some of the issues members face through treatment…

  • Community News Blog: How Reflexology helped me - Charlie's story part II

    In today’s Community News Blog, we’re hearing from the lovely Charlie. Charlie began to share some of her experiences with us back in February, where she kindly put together some videos to show the Community how they can use simple reflexology techniques to help them. Charlie is a Clinical Reflexologist and was diagnosed with breast cancer in January this year. She’s been using some reflexology techniques…

  • Community News Blog: How reflexology helped me – Charlie’s story

    Pink flowers against a green hill

    In today’s Community News Blog, Charlie shares with us how reflexology has supported her throughout her cancer journey. Charlie was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery in January this year. She wanted to share with all of you how a few simple techniques have helped her with stress, sleep, bowel movements and swelling. She’s kindly put together some videos for us, to show us some simple self-help reflexology…

  • Community News Blog: Cancer and food - how the Community can help

    A close up image of fresh whole vegetables

    We hear that many of you come to the Community looking for help around taking control of your diet, or worried that you might not be eating the right foods. Cancer or treatments can sometimes cause problems with eating, or may restrict what you can eat.

    Whatever your situation around food, there is usually some support to be found in the Community.

    Sugar-awareness is important to a healthy diet, but perhaps not for the…

  • Macmillan's Cancer Information Blog: Tips for coping with cancer-related fatigue (tiredness)

    In this blog, Content Developer Azmina sets out practical tips for coping with fatigue caused by cancer or its treatment.

    As many as 9 out of 10 people with cancer (90%) get cancer-related fatigue (CRF) at some point. If you have CRF, you may feel very tired or exhausted all or most of the time.

    CRF is different from the everyday tiredness that people without cancer may experience. You may get tired quickly after small…