Triple negative breast cancer

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Hi recently diagnosed with this type of cancer I've had first round of chemo very scared about being sick/vomiting any advice welcome 

  • Hi  

    It's natural to be scared about possible side effect of chemo. I had two different types of chemo when I was being treated for TNBC and I didn't suffer sickness on either. What type of chemo have you just had?

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  • Hi I'm having neoadjuvant chemo/immunotherapy I have had first dose last Tues it's going to be one a week thankyou for you're reply

  • What's the name of the chemo you're having? The reason I ask is because different types can have different side effects. I had 3 cycles of epirubicin and cyclophosphamide, commonly called EC, followed by 12 weeks of paclitaxel. 

    My chemo wasn't combined with immunotherapy, as that wasn't available two years ago when I was being treated, and also I had mine after surgery.

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  • Hi Catmad ...

    It sounds like both you and I are on the same treatment plan .... I was due my first round last Wednesday, but it was cancelled at the last minute due to finding Estrogen fed cancer in my other breast ... But Chemotherapy/immunotherapy to begin this coming Tuesday ...

    I'm from Derbyshire 

    It will be good to see how we both get on from week to week Grin 

  • Yes it will help knowing how it effects us and how we can possibly help each other. I'm from Sunderland.

  • Nice to meet you Blush  

    My daughter ordered  this to help with preventing neuropathy..... while having chemo treatment.

  • Nice to meet you too. Let me know if they work.

  • Hi 

    I had twelve weeks of paclitaxol, carbo every week plus immunotherapy every three weeks, then  EC chemotherapy every three weeks,  then surgery, then radiotherapy. It’s all doable. I was never sick but felt a bit worse on the EC chemo.  I used the cold cap and kept a lot of my hair.  
    best of luck.  It’s a bit of a journey but you will get there. 

  • Also I had neuropathy in my feet quite bad. I didn’t wear socks as no one mentioned that to me.  The neuropathy is now gone though. Took a couple of months after chemo to disappear. 

  • Wow you been through it I'm just starting I opted not to have cold cap I'm a chicken always had long hair but cut it short ready to lose it all. My daughter gets married this week too so a bit of an emotional ride this week you're amazing going what you have gone through.