Diagnosed with TNBc

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Hey, I’m 35 yrs old just got diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer yesterday after finding lump on my breast in early December. 2023. They have said it’s not at lymph nodes after taking biopsy. Awaiting genetic test and MRI scan as next steps. Worst thing so far telling people and everyone being so nice and supportive. Have had wobbles googling things. Worried it’s spread  elsewhere, I am experiencing discomfort in boob and it feels like the lump is getting bigger everyday. I go away on holiday snowboarding end of month they said I should go but also keen to get started on treatment which they said would be chemo , op and potentially radio. Also as not had children yet they said I need to quickly think about freezing my eggs - again worried this is all taking to much time ahead of treatment. Any words of wisdom greatly appreciated.

  • Hello and sorry for everything you’re going through. Personally I felt far more in control once I’d started my treatment. The waiting for test results was like torture so my heart goes out to you but my advice would be to stay off Google as this can lead you to dangerous black holes, instead talk to your breast team and oncologists when you’re appointed one as every diagnosis is personal and different and statistics can be misleading and scary! Like you I felt like my lump was growing every day, in fact I convinced myself that other lumps were appearing elsewhere in my other boob…but they weren’t. If you are worried though always speak to your breast clinic or GP but anxiety can do bizarre things. When are you due your MRI? Sending lots of strength

  • Thank you Lauren. Not got any dates yet for anything but going to phone nurse tomorrow when they are open to check in on timings. Had friends over today and we made a list of things I needed to do with my partner as well this has helped me feel much better and start to take control of this. No more doom scrolling is a must for me I think!! 

  • Hi, take their advice and go if your insurance company will cover you. I found my lump in June and it was late September before my chemo started. I also had pain in my boob and still do. I have one chemo session left. We had  holiday at the beginning of September and I'm glad we did. I'm sure they'd not suggest it if they thought it would change the outcome. I can't offer advice on family planning, do what you think is best for you and your partner / family. Best wishes for good decisions and outcomes. 

  • Thank you not holding hope for insurance at the moment but going to try some companies. I think I have come to decision on eggs so all this steps just making me feel better. Got oncologist appointment on Wednesday now so will know more then. In much better headspace to be honest and just focussing on getting my body ready for chemo - treating it like I am training for an event! 

  • No MRI yet but got oncologist appointment Wednesday so feeling more settled and ready to crack on! 

  • If you had insurance already they should still cover you, but not future holidays. You will get cover, but might cost  bit more. X

  • I phoned them as had a annual insurance that I took out before this diagnosis and they said they would not cover will call back in 72 hours with option for someone else to insure or potential refund on policy 

  • That's very bad customer service. My insurance was with my back and they agreed to cover as I'd already booked the holiday. Hopefully you will get a refund x

  • How was the MRI? It's really noisy but more accurate than an ultrasound x

  • Got MRI next Friday. Echo tomorrow as have heart history in family and the immunotherapy can cause side effects there potentially. I also have CT scan booked now for the Saturday so I am hoping they can tell if it’s anywhere else. Feeling positive though and just ready to get underway. How are you doing?