Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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Hello everyone,

Recently been diagnosed with TNBC… I have had the lump for a while but due to breastfeeding and lumpy boobs, didn’t rush to the doctors. 

Stupidly I went on Google and feel like I have been given a death sentence!! Can’t eat, can’t sleep and I can barely look at my little boy (1.5 yrs) without breaking down. I have my MRI etc tomorrow, but I’m petrified it’s spread. Prior to my scans, the plan is Chemo/Lumpectomy and then possible Rads.

My questions are;

Did anyone have pain in the breast and surrounding area? I’m scared it means it’s spreading. It’s not agony but it is mainly where the lump is. It seems to have got significantly worse since being diagnosed Weary 

Is it normal to have to wait 2-3 weeks to see the oncologist? Feel like the delay is too much to deal with, I am struggling to see a positive outcome. 

  • Hi Loala

    Welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer.  The pain could be a result of the mammogram you had and the biopsy you also had before you were diagnosed.  Even though triple negative is a more aggressive breast cancer it doesn't grow as a general rule very fast.  

    It isn't unusual to have to wait two to three weeks to see an oncologist particularly when you haven't had all the tests you generally have when you've been diagnosed.  The reason for the wait is that they want to make sure they have all the information they need to tailor your treatment to you as everybody reacts differently to the treatments.

    I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer with lymph node involvement nearly four years ago and after having chemo, surgery and radiotherapy I made a full recovery and I am cancer free.

    Wishing you the best of luck with your MRI tomorrow and please let us know how you got on.

    Best wishes


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  • Thank you for your reply  Slight smile

  • Hi ... I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February.. in March after biopsies it was TNBC, then a mammogram in April picked up DCIS in my other boob, then more biopsies put my treatment back as they needed to be sure of the type .. came back negative.

    I have waited 2 months for my treatment to start and I was getting really anxious as what was just a slightly inverted nipple at first, had fully disappeared weeks before my treatment.

    I had 11 biopsies and 4 marker clips inserted in all.

    Yes it is nerve racking, but they have to be sure you are on the right treatment plan.

    Apparently it was hard to spot something was wrong with my breasts as there are no lumps or bumps that can easily be felt, and I'm only a 32 AA, so when I was told, I hit a wall.

    You are now in the best hands and they have got this .. you will worry no matter what people say as it's only natural... Listening to Daisy53 is very encouraging.

    All the best, here if you want to chat.


  • Hi  

    Thank you for your reply and kind words.

    So sorry you are in this situation too!!

    Have you started your treatment now?


  • I was diagnosed with tnbc 2 years ago. I found the lump myself in May 2022, had all the tests/scans prior and started treatment in July 2022. The wait was the absolute worst, but when I was on the treatment plan I felt a bit more in control. The treatment plan once up and running was 5 months chemo, then op, radio & oral chemo for residual. I also had her2 in my residual and had a final 12 months herceptin. I looked at it in stages rather than the bigger picture to get through it all. Although a complete shock I managed by meeting friends weekly either in the house (with our masks on!) or outside in a local coffee shop. I also signed up with a local cancer charity and availed of counselling, on-line relaxation classes and reflexology etc.. There were bumps in the road - but I’m still here and managing family life/work. Best of luck on your treatment!

  • Yes ... I'm am due my 3rd session this week ... Which will then be classed as my first complete cycle ( at the moment I have chemo weekly because on the first session its, paclitaxel, carboplatin and Pembrolizumab, but then for the next 2 sessions it's just paclitaxel, which is then called a cycle)....when  I have completed 4 cycles,  I  then switch to EC chemo for 4 doses at 3 weekly intervals ( not every week) ... then surgery, then radiotherapy.

    I hope I have managed to explain that ok.


  • Hi Loala,

    I was diagnosed with TNBC in April 2023 and finished all treatment /surgery at the end  of Dec 2023. I too had pain where the cancer was. My lymph nodes were clear and I had what's classed as an excellent response to the chemo. So pain doesn't mean it's spread. You may have experienced this already but a standard response was "breast cancer doesn't usually cause pain" which I didn't find helpful and did nothing to reduce anxiety. I also couldn't find anything about it online. My experience has been that the area remained tender and a little uncomfortable even after treatment and was aggravated by mammograms and examination. Unfortunately it's still tender now but that is after surgery, so not surprising. The breast specialist nurse told me to use Voltarol gel, which I find works really well and the surgeon suggested taking Naproxen but this was after my chemo finished, so check first with your treatment team.

    It seems a long way off now but you will come out the other side.

    Best wishes

  • Well done for smashing through it ... So good to hear!! Heart

  • Hello, 

    I’ve got pain too and it’s making me paranoid. I haven’t said anything as I’m so scared of the response. 
    I think it is from biopsy though and if they have hit any nerves etc. 

    what area are you in? 
    I’m in Lancashire and it’s moving pretty quick. 

    Biopsy 8/5

    diagnosis was meant to be 17/5 but histology wasn’t back so got it on 24/5. 
    oncologist was then 11/6

    Picc line today 12/6 and I start chemo on Monday.

    The wait is the worst but you have to trust (this is what I got told). I was prescribed propranolol for anxiety and phenergan for sleep as I wasn’t sleeping for days. Maybe speak to your GP? Mine have been really supportive since the diagnosis and hope yours are too! 

    keep us posted xx