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This is for anyone who can't keep on the topic.  It's hard not to stray, but if we have 'no specific topic ' we can't go off topic.

It is good just to be able to wander and talk about other things.

I could have named it 'Waffle'.  Then I couldn't go off topic.

  • Well, so this is where you are now lurking  Laughing. We can always send the naughty ones here. You should have actually called it the "naughty corner" Laughing

    No, not heard from Ulls. Have you not seen him at Maggies? WW seems to be going through a bad patch with her husband. He has talked about refusing treatment so it might help to meet an idiot like me Laughing.

    Richard is covered with bruises. It has started since they put him on the other type of blood thinner. He spoke to his oncology consultant last week who says he may arrange for him to have tests regarding him having to go for a wee so often. However, not sure what they can do. He was on a tablet which was supposed to help him produce more each visit but all that did was make him go about every 10 mins. I think he feels he is going constantly, but if I monitor it, it is probably only once every hour and a half to two hours which is not that bad. It is just when he needs to go, it is urgent. 

    Is your counselling just about your feelings about pc, or the treatment? 


  • Gina, there wasn't a Maggie's meeting in December, next one in 3 weeks or so.  Poor Richard, covered in bruises.  I know how he feels, just the thought of touching something and out they come.

    You and WW will be good for each other.  I think her husband is coming around to the Radiotherapy side of things.  It was the tattoo conversations that did it.  Hopefully things will go smoothly for them both.

    My counselling is in 2 parts, one about my mental health at work from "Able Futures", that's a 9 month course (once a month).  The other is a weekly session through "Coping with Cancer".  They worked wonders for me after my Radiation treatment last year.  This time is is basically for everything apart from work, so I don't confuse the two.

    Steve (SteveCam)

  • Ah - this looks like just the place where I will end up. Always talking about PC because I don't want anyone to go through what I have been through, and then I always try and put a cheery aspect on it - at the end of the day we are all humans who like a good Waffle!!

    Well done Steve.

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  • I do my best.

    Steve (SteveCam)

  • Guess what???

    Shhh.... It looks like the the Hormones might be finally out of my system!  It's been over a week for my last Hot Flush.

    It's only been just over 12 months since my last 6 monthly injection.  Phew!!!

    I take my hat off to all of the other Men still enduring them.

    My other hat (I need 2 first thing in the morning) goes to all women who go through these for years and years.

    Me, just a mere 18 months of Hot Flushes  .

    I never complained (yes I did).

    That's one more milestone.

    Steve (SteveCam)

  • Ha Steve - You will miss them - there's nothing like waking on a cold winters morning, making a brew and then sitting down for breakfast with that knowing glow that saves on the central heating!! (although with the sage tablets mine now only last 5 minuets!).

    Keep going - other feelings may also awaken!!Stuck out tongue winking eye

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    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

    Strength, Courage, Faith, Hope, Defiance, VICTORY.

    I am a Macmillan volunteer.

  • I think I will have to go back to Ready Break for my glow.

    Looks like the ED is loosening it's grip.  The urges are returning, I just need something to back them up.  If you know what I mean Stuck out tongue winking eye.

    Steve (SteveCam)

  • Yes sometimes we come to amazing revelatiuons whilst just "waffling"

  • Lets hope that's so.  Just remember for many women this goes on for the rest of their life they just get used to it.

  • Yes we save hundreds in heating bills - My wife is constantly "warm enough" as she puts it, as I watch her glow sitting in a "T" shirt.  Whereas I have a vest, shirt and light weight fleece on as we sit and watch TV!