Waiting time

Hi I was diagnosed with a modular melanoma on 24 th July, since then I’ve had a CT scan and a consultation with a surgeon on the 6th August who said I needed a WLE and a sentinel lymph node biopsy, he said this would be done in four weeks, my question is I’ve still not received a date for this to be done, how long does it take to get an appointment 


  • Hi 222….I am not sure what the targets are in your area but I was told following my consult that the op would take place within 31 days and that is what I am now scheduled for on the 6th September…at my consult I was given a number for a support worker and named nurse with whom I have had contact a few times just to cover a few questions and concerns….perhaps you were given a contact point…I think if you are in any doubt it would ease your anxiety by making a call just to check where you are on the list and waiting times….

  • Thanks for reply,

    I do have a contact number for a nurse who I have spoken too a couple of times,I think I might call her again just to see if she knows anything,I just thought I would have received an appointment by now.

  • After I had my consultation about needing the WLE / SLNB I got my surgery 24 days layer , on that day  the surgeon that day was able to give me the date and time that I needed to be in for. The waiting is tough x 

  • I hope you do find out soon….the waiting can seem unbearable at times…I have been working on distractions to keep my mind focussed elsewhere but it’s not easy…perhaps finding out what the expected wait times are may help…let us know how you are getting on.

  • Thanks for reply the waiting is definitely the worst part, I’m going to phone today and see if they have a date for me, the first two weeks of diagnosis was a worldwind of tests etc, now it just seems to have to a halt. X

  • Thank you, I will do, I was just curious on other people’s waiting time for this next step. X

  • yes give them a we call no harm in asking x I never had a ct scan until after my SLNB came back as positive x the waiting is what I have struggled with the full time x 

  • Hi I’ve just called them and they said due to covid there is a backlog but hopefully I should get an appointment letter in a couple of weeks and the surgery will be done beginning on October!

    it seems a long time to wait but I do understand there is more than me waiting.

    It definitely seems to be a long process between first diagnosis and treatment.

    thank you for all your help and advice! X

  • I hope you don’t mind me asking how long did you have to wait on the lymph node biopsy results coming back and what happens if they are positive?

  • Not at all x click on my name and read my story x so my results took 4 weeks to come back and mines were positive ( 2 nodes showed a tiny trace of melanoma).

    yes I was utterly devastated x

    So after that I was booked in for a ct scan ( results took 6 days). Ct scan was all clear and on Monday I started on a course of immunotherapy ( pembro ) . 9 doses every 6 weeks for a year x ( 30 minute infusion each time).

    it’s been a long drawn out process x