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Matrix lung trial

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Hi Hopeoftomorrow

Sorry, it is looking like no one active on the group is on the trial. I cannot recall any members mentioning it either.

I found the trial details on the cancer research site which you find useful to read through link . This information is with regard to the aim of the study and what it may offer. I believe that once a trial closes overall results may be published then.

I have done a trial or taken part in a study. One was about younger people's cancer care and one was the SMP2 trial for non small cell lung cancer. It involved testing your sample for a lot more genes and mutations than the standard. I never got any feed back from it, so possibly they could not test it due to too few cells or didn't gain any information from it.

For emotional support for you can I also suggest the friends and family group too where you can speak with others in your situation and they will share with you how they coped at this difficult time.

Also there is the helpline here too, it's available 8am to 8pm daily, freephone 0808 808 00 00.

I am sorry I am not more useful to you. I do hope that helps in same way.


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So sorry that you find yourself on here, but well done to your Dad that he is 5 years post the original diagnosis!

I have looked at the current details of the Matrix trial and it appears that your Dad will be starting in Phase 2. This suggests that the outcomes from the Phase 1 aspect of the trial were positive.

I was on a trial for Small Cell Lung Cancer in 2011 and would encourage anyone eligible to join a trial to do so.  I describe my experience as getting on a plane and being asked to  turn left into 1st Class i.e the destination was the same but the attention was more frequent.

Please do not be anxious about Dad going onto a trial; these days they are very safe and are subject to strict protocols and monitoring, hence the extra attention your Dad will receive from his cancer team. Remember that he would not have been accepted onto the trial if he wasn't deemed suitable to obtain potential beneficial outcomes from the trial.

I wish best possible outcomes for you ad your Dad.

Kegsy x