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Hi, my husband has just has his first immunotherapy treatment . We understood the side effect were less invasive than chemo. He is auffering from severe fatigue and complete loss of appetite as well as being a little confused. How long before these subside . Any one any ideas please. I desperately want him to eat something  thanks you 

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Hi Kim

How is he today? Were you given a 24 hour number to call in case of concerns? If so I would suggest you call that number and let them know. If not please call here for advice, they are available 8am - 8pm everyday on freephone 0808 808 00 00

I hope he picks up a little soon.


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hi Kim. I suffered from tiredness for couple of days after each infusion.  I have just had num 11 and feet really good.  my cancer is stable and have no side effects at the minute..hope thing level out for your husband.


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He is feeling very low today. We are at the hospital tomorrow for mid cycle bloods as he had very high calcium and had to have fluids before last infusion and a drug to lower it, so I will seek out our lung specialist nurse while we are there. 

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Hi Kim, I hope things have go alright tomorrow, I have read your post because my husband might be starting immunotherapy for lymph nodes in his chest for the second time after lung cancer. we are wondering how people are finding it, i know every one is different but I am hoping its a good option. he had radiotherapy ad chemo before and it has been so difficult to cope with the side effects

best wishes