Hi I was just wondering if anyone can help me I have just done 6 weeks radiotherapy to my vocal cords and neck I am 2 weeks past just wondering how long it takes for voice to come back as very husky not a lot difference getting worried

  • Hello Kimbetly69, im afraid its way to early to see any improvement yet ,it will be up to 3 months before things start to get back to any normality as the vocal cords need time to recover from being bombarded with zaps of radiotherapy . You might find you recover quicker as we all recover at different rates . I would not start to worry just yet but if it gets worse then contact your consultant , all the best ,take care .

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    XHi Chris , 

    hiw lovely to hear from you thank you for your reply . Yes maybe very inpatient at the moment but I don’t know what I was expecting so soon  after treatment ? I had abit of normality with voice but now it’s gone again . I have appointment in 2 weeks times to see the consultant do hopefully things may change for then ? As I was told that  is when the camera goes down and they can see whether or not the treatment was hopefully .... fingers crossed 

    anyway lovely to hear from you

    take care