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So our story starts February 22 when my husband was diagnosed with laryngeal cancer.  Went for laser surgery that year and appeared successful.  However March 23 had to go for radiotherapy 30 sessions.  Again all appeared ok then  November 23 developed sore throat.  Sent for appointment nasendoscopy done.  Told lots of scar tissue and within a few weeks all ok.  However earlier on this year he reported felling more fatigued and had developed aching neck and jaw.  Sent for MRI  told lots of scar tissue one area of concern.  Sent for PET.   All nasendoscopy say all fine.  However after PET scan told likely return.  Sent for biopsy.  All that done relatively quick.  Told appointment with consultant Monday 1st July.  However 2 Hrs before appointment call to say cancelled.  Biopsy results not back.  No mention of another appointment.  Bearing in mind what he had been told 10 days before I feel that is pretty poor.  My husband is  quite strong mentally but I can see it is starting to have an affect on him.  Rant over.  Thanks for listening.

  • This is really sh*t! I feel for you.

    I so hope your husband's biopsy results are positive x

  • Thanks so much. Xx

  • Good evening Gillell, so sorry that your husband's appointment has been canceled with no explanation as this is not the normal practice of the N.H.S. All i can think of is that the Drs strikes are causing delays. Please get in touch with one of your husband's team and let them know you are unhappy and its causing you and your husband a lot of stress and anxiety, it's bad enough waiting let alone being made to wait even longer.I do remember once when i was in the hospital to have an operation for cancer when out of the blue all operations were canceled except mine, i never did find out why but i suppose they do have the occasional mishap with appointments, etc. Tell your husband not to worry as im sure they will get him back on track, we dont mind the rants on here as we know what its like, all the best to you both.

                                                                             Chris x

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Thanks Chris.  Will let you knowx

  • Hi Chris thanks for your reply.  No this is definitely not because of doctors strike.  So after cancellation on Monday no communication until Thursday evening when nurse phoned to say had been cancelled because biopsy results had not been sent through to consultant.  However that had now been done and if we would leave till Monday 8th and if nothing heard by then to phone consultants secretary.  Monday 8th nothing heard so husband phoned twice no answer.  On third attempt answered told would have to speak with consultant and get back to him.  Eventually my husband phoned original nurse who said leave it with her and she will see what she can do.  This unfortunately is the state of our NHS.

  • I am so sorry for this Gillel, the trouble is a lot of the blame is to do with the admin and not the doctors or consultants, a lot of the time the consultant does not know what is happening as he/she has not been informed. Let's hope the nurse gets on top of it all. 



    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Thanks for replying.  So again down to nurse we now have appointment for next Monday.xx