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Good evening guys.

Ive recently just turned 30 and My dad has been diagnosed with Laryngeal Cancer. And to say I'm heart broken is an understatement!

He has been given the options of Surgery or RT & Chemo. Surgery will completely remove his voice box, glands and gullet. They will then have to take a skin graph off his thigh to reconstruct the gullet, so he will be able to eat foods.

RT & Chemo will be given if he goes for this option, but there's a risk that the tumour will not shrink and get bigger. And then at this point, there is nothing more that the Dr's could do, as it will become a more aggressive cancer.

Has anyone been in this situation before? And could give me some insight on this?

I would really like someone to talk to as I'm finding it hard to process this. I would also like to give him some hope and guidance to reassurance him that this is Life Changing, not life ending.

  • Good evening ShanDan, sorry to hear this, i had my voicebox removed in 2010 but did not have to have my gullet reconstructed but have had my lower jaw reconstructed with skin grafts taken from my thigh and a bit of bone from my leg to make a new lower jaw, i know its a different operation but its just an example of how skilled and successful these surgeons and drs are with great recovery rates. I cannot speak anymore yet i have learned how to adapt to other ways of communication which will be explained later after he has recovered from the surgery ( if he chooses this option) it sounds very promising if this surgery will give him a chance of eating again. I know it all sounds worrying at the moment but he will be in good hands and everything will be explained to him, i found it best to take things a day at a time rather than thinking too much ahead. The issue with radio and chemo is that it can only be done once in that area, it can also damage the surrounding skin tissue making surgery in the future a bit trickier but not impossible. Its goods news that your dad has been offered both surgery and chemo/radio as they must be confident there is a chance of him making a good recovery, it might be life-changing but we find ways of adapting and coping. You are welcome to read my story by clicking on my profile name it just gives a brief outline of my treatments and recovery. Wishing you and your dad all the best, take care. 

                                                                                      Chris xx

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Hi Shan 

    I was diagnosed 6 weeks ago and am now on day 4 of 30 radiotherapy sessions, personally I try not to project the outcome, all I know is right now I am on a pathway which I need to trust. Dont get me wrong I went hrough a lot of doom and gloom at the beginning and imagined every wosrts case scenario including dying. But I refused to dwell on the negative. Today I am alive and well oh and I have laryngeal cancer but hey ho. Tomorrow is never promised to anyone cancer or not, I am just grateful for every day

    I am also a recovering alcoholic but have not drunk alcohol for 14 years and I found the will needed to stop drinking is the same will I have now, Never project, always distract negative thoughts and most important he must be selfish in recovery. I am ex miliary and retired paramedic so tend to be a little blunt sorry.

    Wish you and your Dad well 

  • Hi Shan I have recently been diagnosed with cancer of the larynx I have not been able to speak for over a year so far which is heartwrenching for me IV been a singer my whole life as long as I can remember and now I can't make a sound to even communicate with my children . I am having surgery to o remove as much cancer as possible and a resection of my throat followed by radiotherapy if they don't get it all . I'm scared to death I already have severe lung disease diabetes scoliosis to name a few so not exactly fit and healthy to begin with . What's the radiotherapy like have you had a throat resection olaser surgery or anything first . I can't sleep I'm angry and my anxiety levels through the roof I just don't know how to deal with this . I'm a recovering alcoholic and heroin addict for 10 years and I am finding it sooooo hard . Sending healing and best wishes to you xxx

  • Hi Trell im similar to you got my first appointment on tues with oncologist.last week i had ultrasound  and the doctor said my lymph nodes were dodgy so had 4 biopsies then day after i had pet scan and day after ct scan im just hoping it hasnt spread anywhere else good luck 

  • Hi I'm so sorry to hear your recent news it's so hard isn't it I had my surgery cancelled again in January as I had flu then they rang last week can I go in the next morning but I'm on blood thinners that have to be stopped prior and I'm diabetic which they had forgot so now looking at anytime from next week . I'm scared to death I been under 4 times so far and no further forward apart from the post op infection nearly killed me and this op is much more extensive than previous so I'm really dreading the recovery . Have you had any treatments surgeries anything planned ? Do you know what cancer you have .  . I still haven't had a scan yet  they want to get the surgery done first asap . Sending love and healing . 

  • Trell i have cancer of the larynx i see the oncologist on tuesday im down for radiotherapy but had three lumps under the jaw so i dont know until tuesday  sending you strength to get through this x

  • Good luck with the scans etc, i have had oral cancer three times the last one being cancer of the larynx. Feel free to re-post once you get your results, take care .


    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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  • Hi Chris thanks for replying to me can I ask did you have the laser resection surgery for the laryngeal please . Are you now cancer free . And wow three times you certainly are a real warrior my friend 

  • Good evening Trell, you are welcome, unfortunately, i had my voice box ( larynx ) removed , it was my third operation in 2010 so have been cancer-free ever since. As you can see times have moved on since 2010 with both treatment and surgery. All i had was radiotherapy and chemo along with the operations. Take care my friend 

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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