Larynx cancer


Hi my mum has finished 6 weeks worth of treatment. She had radiation mon-fri and two over night blasts of chemo.

It wasn't nice. They say she will go down hill for about 7 days and then start to pick up. Please can anyone who has been through the same please explain what we can expect next and when did you start to pick up ?

Thank you x

  • Hello Sparkle01, well done to your mum for getting through the treatment as radio and chemo can be very tough at times . I  have not had radio or chemo for my larynx but i had it after my first operation which was floor of the mouth cancer ,so when the cancer returned again which was Larynx cancer i could not have anymore radiotherapy so my only option was to have it removed . The main side affects after treatment can be fatigue , tiredness and soreness . Swallowing i expect will be a problem for you mum for a while so she might have have liquid food supplements rather than solid foods . They are right in saying your mum will go down hill for a while but this is normaly  the case as the body begins to recover, but in time things will improve and i would say she should see a gradual improvement after about three weeks but it may take about three months for things to settle down  , maybe earlier as some people recover quicker hopefully this is applies to your mum . Wishing you and your mum all the best during recovery , take care .

                                                                                 Chris x

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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