What should we expect from RT?


My husband had the mask fitted today, ready for 20 sessions over 4 weeks. 

I'm wondering what to expect. Having supported him through 4 months of surgery and 6 months of chemotherapy (forhhigh grade lymphoma) am aware of a lot of the challenges, but RT is new to us.

He was beginning to recover his stamina and energy, as his chemo finished a year ago, but do we expect things to be like they were after the chemo? How long does it take to return to pre-RT levels of fitness? 

Any replies, tips, general info would be appreciated.


  • Hello Frances , hope the mask fitting went ok ,this mask is needed to hold his in position while they pinpoint  the radiotherapy . The main side affects with it is tiredness ,fatigue , sorness in the treated are ( bit like sunburn ) and it can cause problems when swallowing if it becomes painful . Some people like me went through it without any severe side affects i just made sure i put plenty of aqueous cream after each treatment as it helps sooth the skin. You could ask if it will affect his swallowing as i believe its on his vocal chord area thats being zapped so he might have to swallow food supplements during the treatment instead of solid food . These are all maybes and mights and hopefully he will not have any bad side affects . Pain can be another factor so be prepared for that ,he should not get any sickness . His return to pre RT will of course depend on how he gets through the radio but i would say about three months which sounds a lot but it soon comes around . The good news is that its all doable , so fingers crossed for a smooth period of treatment  . Best wishes to you both ,take care .

                                                                                                Chris x 

    Its sometimes not easy but its worth it ! 

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