Hello, i have just been diagnosed with cancer of my kidney

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I have been diagnosed with cancer of the kidney today and should be having my kidney removed. Are there any benefits i can claim?

  • Hi mate best bet is to ring macmillan help line . They will tell you if you can or not . 

  • Hi Wini,

    Good question ( I had my kidney removed may 2021) and the only way to get benefits is through the dreaded PIP scheme ( apply online .gov site) then you have about a half hour phone call with an assessor and then await for the result it's very difficult to get a positive result from them if you are still relatively fit and mentally stable ,best of luck .

    Just on my experience applied twice first time no good second time when my cancer had increased to incurable stage 4 I had to much savings to get anything .

  • I am so sorry to hear this.  I think worked out now I can’t get anything either, but I get my pension in November and my husband has PIP etc, just thought it was worth asking.

    you said you your kidney removed, but your cancer still came back or had it already spread?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking as obviously I would like to know what might happen.

  • Hi Wini no problem sharing after removal I was all clear on my first 3 month CT scan but on my second one about 6 months after surgery it was found my cancer had spread to both lungs and wasn't able to be operated on so I went through 6 cycles of immunotherapy which helped stabilise the growing tumors but after 6 months the tumors were spreading again into my spine and treatment changed to at the time a trial drug ( now available) cabozentinb which again at the start stabilized everting and even reduced the tumors in my lungs but as ever after 6 months it wasn't improving and the cancer spread to my liver for the last 12 months I have been on a combination of oral chemo tablets and it's slowed progression down I was classed as terminal at December but since have had promising scan results so it's a bit of a rollercoaster coaster and 3 years in I'm still here ,when I was classified as terminal I was able to withdraw my pensions in full tax free which has helped loads as I'm only 52 still got bills to pay lol.

    All I can say is don't worry to much it's a long road with kidney cancer and keep smiling 

    Hope it helped Ry

  • Sorry to ask some more, but were you thought to have been cured after your kidney was removed?  I am just trying to find out my chances really as they have said I should be cured once it is removed.

    I am so sorry for what you are going through and my best wishes to you on the future.

  • Hi again yes I think it's over 70% chance that once removed you should be cured as the cancer is self  contained within the kidney fingers crossed for you.

    It's the very aggressive tumours that spread ,the hospital do a biopsy on the kidney and should tell you if they think there is any chance, and you will get scanned regularly for 3 years just to make sure it's not coming back 

  • Thanks so much for the info and all my hopes are with you for the future xx

  • No problem have a great evening and fingers crossed for everything xx

  • Hi Wini

    I haven't applied for PIP, but I did get a disability allowance at the higher rate, so I could get a motability lease car. I didn't apply for any other benefits, BUT I just wanted to suggest that if you contact Citizens Advice, they will help you to fill in any forms, and they are so expert at doing it, they have a good success rate at getting you any benefits you might be entitled to! Much better than doing it yourself.

    I was diagnosed straightaway with stage 4 cancer, and my treatment was classed as 'palliative', which may have made a difference when it comes to benefit entitlement. I also live in Scotland, and I think the benefits that I'm able to claim here are different to the ones in other parts of the UK.

    The 'Ask the Expert' section on this website has welfare advisers, so you could post your question to them too.

    Hope all goes well with your surgery!