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Dear reader, 

I'm new here, so I thought I would share a little bit about my journey so far.

A number of week ago, I was referred to a consultant cardiologist by my GP. For a number of months, I had been on medication to lower my blood pressure. At the age of 34, my GP was worried that the medication wasn't doing the trick as she had expected. She referred me to a cardiologist which, at the time I thought was a little much, to investigate further. All a little worrying.

I had some initial tests done which came back normal. The cardiologist recommended an MRI scan to check the blood vessels around my kidneys. 

From a cardiology perspective, everything was normal. It was quite the shock to be told there was a growth on my right kidney. 

I've since had a CT scan and an appointment with a urologist. The tumour is 3cm and is planned to be removed via partial nephrectomy 24 November. 

What I don't understand, is that the urologist can't tell me if it's cancer or not based on the imaging. He said that there's an 80% - 84% probability that it is cancer, but I have to wait until the pathology tests come back after the surgery.

The consultant is excellent at reassuring me, but I find myself feeling all kinds of emotions. Which, objectively, I know is to be expected. 

This weekend I've planned to see close family to start breaking the news/perhaps not-news. I wasn't going to tell them until I knew exactly what I was dealing with. But I don't fancy the wrath of my sisters finding out I had surgery without telling them...

Wish me luck.

Very best wishes,


P.s. the blood pressure issue isn't taking up much thinking-space anymore...

  • Good luck telling your family they will be a great strength for you on this journey.  I had a large tumour on my left kidney removed in April this year it weighed 1 and a half kilo. My family was so supportive,  work not so in the beginning as I didn't find out it was cancer for 4 weeks.>initially they said it was gastric. I had open surgery but recovery went well. 

  • Good luck telling your family, it’s much easier once people know and they’re there to support you.
    I have a 5cm tumour growing out of my left kidney and when I went to the GP to get signed off work - I asked if he was going to sign me off with stress and he said ‘no, I’ll write kidney cancer if you’re ok with that’. The urologist I’m under said it’s 95% cancerous but I’m similar to you with emotions. Think we just have to deal with little bits at a time, but it’s the not knowing that’s hard. 
    I have critical care but they won’t accept the diagnosis until after the radical nephrectomy (next week) and the pathology report and they want to know that it’s malignant and invasive….well it obviously is otherwise I wouldn’t be having an operation to remove it Joy.

  • Hello Donna72, 

    Thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your experience with work! Glad you are recovering well. 

    Best wishes, 


  • Hello Orca1, 

    I hope so. I wholeheartedly agree. It's difficult not knowing, and so it feels odd telling my family without really knowing the full picture. 

    I really hope your procedure goes well. I'll be thinking of you. 

    Best wishes, 


  • Based on my own experience even in close relationships like family we are all entitled to medical privacy and should not feel guilty about it. I developed a workable narrative to explain my absence for a rad neph. Vague mention of tests and so forth. They still don't know. Anyway you are not yet sure exactly what the trouble is.   Just embrace your own choices. Good luck my friend.

  • Was thinking about you. Hope your weekend went ok. 

  • Hello Simon, I did wrestle with not saying anything to be honest until I knew for sure. I did end up telling them though. I hope all is well with you after your surgery. 

  • Hello Orca1,

    Thank you; it was a little tough but in the end I am glad that they know. Although, I've only told my siblings and nobody else in my family. But I think that's okay for now. 

    How are you feeling? When is your procedure? 

  • Glad that you’re feeling a little better about it. Small steps and everyone’s different. 

    I’m currently waiting to be taken down for surgery…

  • I’m currently waiting to be taken down for surgery…

    Good luck to you!   Hope  it goes well.