Scaumous cell carcinoma hpv 16 left tonsil and both lymph nodes. In 2022 had 33 proton therapy 70 grays and 2 x cisplatin.

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  1. Hi folks not been on for a while. Just and update and advice please. Unfortunately I have developed osteoradionecrosis with pathological fracture of the left mandible. In pain and lots of swelling. Spoke to surgeon yesterday and he mentioned a free flap fibula operation after the infection clears. To be honest after going through so much I feel distressed and daunted.  Surgeon mentioned its a complex operation and he will need to use the healthy side of my neck to vasculise the left side. Has anyone been in a simular situation for advice please? I know it might sound daft but I was I keen cyclist and have had to give this up due to my fractured jaw and am upset I won't be able to ride again. It would be really helpful to have advice from others. Thanks folks.