Upper Back Pain

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Did anyone else have upper back pain, my husband is in terrible pain with his back, he has his first oncology appointment on Monday I hope they can give him something for it.

Our doctor said it is the pressure of the tumour pressing on it.

  • My husband Andy also suffers with upper back pain he was told the same about it being from the tumour!! He was advised to take cocodomol and paracetamol this eased the pain a little !! He had hls  first chemo session (flot)  on 5th January he's done really well through this first session although he's suffered with nausea and fatigue he's remained very positive.  I hope all goes well with your husbands oncology appointment and they can help with the back pain.

    Love and light


  • I used to run my dad’s back and this eased the pain somewhat. Sorry your husband is going through this. xx

  • Thanks Vonn

    Today's appointment is with the nurse on oncology next week's appointment is with the consultant, what will we find out from the nurse, will she be able to tell us the CT scan results.

    Angie x

  • We were only given results from the consultants  so I'm not sure if the nurses are able to tell you .

    I hope you got some answers today 


  • Hi Vonn

    How is your husband doing?


  • Hi Angie.

    Andy had his third chemo last Friday and is really struggling which biscuits very hard to see but he's still.very positive. He managed the first 2 with some good days but this time he's hardly been out of bed !! We've had problems getting his sickness pills therefore he's lost more weight .How are things going for your husband ? I hope he's doing well x

  • Hi Vonn,

    Tony had his PET scan on Friday and we have an appointment with consultant tomorrow, hopefully chemo will start now, we have a worry due to the tumour has wrapped itself around his aorta so he also has to have a laparoscopy, he had his endoscopy on 29th Dec so all the scans and waiting have been awful. Tony has lost about 3 stone already so I dread to think how much more he will lose once chemo starts. He is still in a lot of pain with his back but like Andy he is still very positive. 

    Sorry to hear Andy has had a rough time with chemo, stay strong and positive he will get through this, just think of good times to come when it's all over that's what I do, the only thing to keep us sane.

    Take care 

    Angie x 

  • Hi angie

    I hope all goes well when you see the consultant  we felt more positive once treatment had started as I'm sure you will too . I don't know about the laparoscopy Andy was more fortunate and his tumour is in his oesophagus 

    Andy had his endoscopy 25th November 23 and his first chemo 5th January 24 it seemed like forever but a good feeling when the journey begins.

    We're looking forward to making plans for the future so much to look forward to. 

    Hopefully today will  he kind to us all .

    Sending positive thoughts. 


  • Thanks Vonn, will let you know how we get on this afternoon, my stomach is already churning because you never know what comes with each appointment, just praying for good news with the scan results and move onto chemo next.

    How are you coping with it all.

    Angie x

  • HibAngie

    I've been thinking of you today I so hope your news was positive. I totally understand the tummy churning it's certainly a roller coaster .

    Sending love