Picc Line Inserted

Hi All Just a update  i have had my picc line inserted  today better than I thought it was going to be . I sit normal after its done and i am home to get a very slight dull feeling  in the chest on the same side as picc line 

First Chemo tomorrow  I've said before i am a bit concerned but its another bridge to cross . I know i can rely on the group to help me with advice and support. stay strong everyone and you are all in my thoughts  

  • Good news that your treatment is starting earlier ..and yes it’s bitter sweet isn’t it ? …Good luck with everything ..Hope all goes well for you .. ..regards J 

  • I'm in the same situation. There's nothing much we can do I'm afraid.

    Good luck with the oncologist 

  • Hi Seasurf, fellow flotter.

    Which hospital you under? I'm at Royal Derby, they told me today that I could possibly start this Friday but more likely to be next Friday.

    Good luck with it all. Keep posting please, it's nice to chat 

  • Hi,

    I'm in Gloucestershire. Sharing time between Cheltenham and Gloucester. This is quite an ordeal in itself since I live at about an hour drive from the hospitals. And, yes, countryside=lack of public transport. 

    I will be moving southward at some point though.

    Good luck with your first chemo

    Yes, it is nice to chat


  • Hi mate just seen this. Great news your appointment was bought forward!! The chemo hopefully won’t be too bad for side effects, then soon on to removal and recovery!!!! 
    looks like this post everyone is on the same path!!

  • Hi Ade, thanks pal.

    After speaking to one of the nurses on the phone it looks as though I have an appointment booked for pre treatment assessment. Not sure what this means but was told by oncologist that I would be shown around the treatment area at some point. Hopefully this will be used to put in picc line that they also said I needed to have done. That would mean that I could start chemo on Friday the 9th. Also got to have another CT scan at some point soon. I think it's because it's been some time between diagnosis and first scan.

    How is everything going with yourself?

    Best regards.


  • Yeah I had picc line fitted and pre treatment chat on same day. Then chemo the next day.

     I think they give you a ct scan after your course of chemo. Before surgery. I’m ok had 3rd round last Thursday and same side effects as before but didn’t seem as bad this time. Just fuzzy head lethargic, according to the mrs grumpy!!!

     I have agreed with my oncologist to have an extra 2 rounds of chemo so that I can get away on a holiday we have same time every year with loads of us in the break between chemo and surgery… so hopefully I can do that. But my oncologist has the worst memory so possibly will forget!!!!

  • Hi Ade, all sounds good. I hope you manage to get away on holiday. It will lift your spirits no end. 

    Thanks for the picc line info.

    We've just had a week away in the caravan and have now put it back in storage. I'm wondering if I will feel up to towing it while on chemo. Maybe we could fit a couple of trips in between treatments.

    Mrs grumpy, your brave...lol.



  • Geo 

    Good morning 

    I would wait to see how you are feeling while on chemo , and check with your insurance if your covered while on chemo . i to can not wait to get out in my wobble box . my 3rd round of chemo next Friday then just one to go after that 

    stay safe everyone watch out for the sun this weekend  

    Nic nac

  • No according to the mrs I’m grumpy!!!! Ha ha