Picc Line Inserted

Hi All Just a update  i have had my picc line inserted  today better than I thought it was going to be . I sit normal after its done and i am home to get a very slight dull feeling  in the chest on the same side as picc line 

First Chemo tomorrow  I've said before i am a bit concerned but its another bridge to cross . I know i can rely on the group to help me with advice and support. stay strong everyone and you are all in my thoughts  

  • Hi Nicnac,  were all with you too. Well done on getting picc line in ok. Good luck with chemo.

    I've just found out that my laparoscopy results are ok. Got an appointment to see the oncologist on 5/6. Seems a long way away. It's outside the government guidelines for treatment start of 62 days. Don't know what I can do about that though. Just pleased they can help.

  • Geo 

    Stay strong mate you'll feel better when treatment starts , with all other people you meet at your appointments and get talking about the journey  we on. I know its seems a long time to wait but gives you time to get a bit fitter 

    Your in our thoughts 

    Nic nac

  • Good luck with the chemo today ..Hope all goes well Thumbsup

  • JPM 

    Thank you. I'll keep you posted 

    Nic nac

  • Sorry to hear you’re having to wait so long for your next appointment..It’s very frustrating .. ..When treatment does start you’ll find it flows much quicker ..We had a similar issue last year ..I had a lengthy discussion with my husband’s consultant and two of the operational managers ..one of the issues we discussed was the waiting time between appointments and why government guidelines were not being met ..I was told basically ‘Too many patients  ..not enough staff !! ‘ ..The staff are frustrated too working within a system which seems to be currently failing both them and patients but they’re doing their best  ..Not much comfort for those waiting I know but until a solution is found I can’t see the situation improving very soon ..Stay strong ..Once treatment starts we found  it all flowed very smoothly ..My husband had a lot of delays during his diagnostic pathway but it all turned out ok ..

  • Managed to get a cancellation today. Seen oncologist. Going on four cycles of chemo for eight weeks then op and more chemo.

  • Great news buddy hopecthats what you want to hear to get treatment  started 

    Nic nac

  • Hi Nic nac,

    Yes indeed, lets get going...  To be honest I would have loved him to say there's been a terrible mistake and we can fix you today with a couple of asprin...lol.

    I think chemo will start next Friday. Have to get picc line in first and pre chemo assessment then another CT scan at some point. No dates for anything yet though.

    How you doing buddy. Chemo going ok? Side effects?


  • Mate i wish i had a magic pill for everyone 

    Chemo going ok but my side effects  should kick at end of week id we're  going by first lot of chemo

    Nic nac

  • Hello, 

    I'm new to this too. I am going to have four cycles of chemo, the the operation, and chemo. 

    That's us in the same "team". 

    I'm not sure when chemo will start yet. 

    Take care all